Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ralph McQuarrie (Concept Artist)

Updated Post on 4 March 2012

Mr Ralph is in today !!!
He sent me a concept chewbacca A4 size picture with his hand-signed initals at the bottom of the picture.

Ralph McQuarrie
13th June 1929

He is the conceptual artist for Star Wars (original trilogy), ET, Cocoon, Back to the Future & batteries not included... to name a few.
Also provided illustrations to several Isaac Asimov books.
Ralph McQuarrie also did an uncredited role in Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) as General McQuarrie

Post Additions on 4th March 2012:
I've just heard the sad news of Mr Ralph McQuarrie passing on the 3rd March 2012.
He died aged 82 in his home.
R.I.P. Mr Ralph McQuarrie.


Dragoon said...

Bro that is awesome....what did you do to get a signed copy? I would love to get him to sign some things for me.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi, this is the address I sent to :

Mr Ralph
993 Spruce St.
Berkeley, CA 94707

But it is not gurantee that you will get his autograph. I was also just trying my luck and sometimes they changed address too !! All the best !