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Elizabeth Taylor (Actress)

Updated Post on 23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor (Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor)
Born : 27 February 1932

I've just recevived the Elizabeth Taylor autograph today and I'm so eagar to do a post on this.
She is considered to be one of my earliest english movie idol.
The movie Cleopatra has the greatest impact on me.
I was...very young then, 8? 9? of age when I watched Cleopatra.
The mysterious place and the beautiful queen...captivated me.
The scenes of the movies left me great impression.
Just like the Lost Horizon which took me years to find the right film on video.
I can't remember the title of the movie, so I go around asking for Egypt queen movie.
Needless to say, most of the video stores don't know what I want and some ended up referring me to the documentary section!!!
Anyway, I've already found the Cleopatra on VCD many years ago.
It was listed under classic film.
Come to think of it, I've not watched it for about 8 years now.
Maybe it's time to re-watch the movie and enjoy in all over again.
I would also like to wish her to be in good health always!

Elizabeth Taylor Films and TV :

1942 - There's One Born Every Minute (Gloria)
1943 - Lassie Come Home (Priscilla)

1944 -
Jane Eyre (Helen Burns)
The White Cliffs of Dover (Betsy)
National Velvet (Velvet Brown)

1946 - Courage of Lassie (Kathie Merrick)

1947 -
Cynthia (Cynthia)
Life with Father (Mary Skinner)

1948 -
A Date with Judy (Carol Foster)
Julia Misbehaves (Susan Packett)

1949 - Little Women (Amy)

1950 -
Conspirator (Melinda Greyton)
The Big Hangover (Mary Belney)
Father of the Bride (Kay Banks)

1951 -
Father's Little Dividend (Kay Dunston)
A Place in the Sun (Angela Vickers)

1952 -
Love Is Better Than Ever (Anastacia Macaboy)
Ivanhoe (Rebecca)

1953 - The Girl Who Had Everything (Jean Latimer)

1954 -
Rhapsody (Louise Durant)
Elephant Walk (Ruth Wiley)
Beau Brummel (Lady Patricia)
The Last Time I Saw Paris (Helen Ellswirth)

1956 - Giant (Leslie Lynnton Benedict)
1957 - Raintree County (Susanna Drake)
1958 - Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Maggie Pollitt)
1959 - Suddenly, Last Summer (Catherine Holly)

1960 - Scent of Mystery (Sally Kennedy)
Butterfield 8 (Gloria Wandrous)

1963 -
Cleopatra (Cleopatra)
The V.I.Ps (Frances Andros)

1965 - The Sandpiper (Laura Reynolds)
1966 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Martha)

1967 -
The Taming of the Shrew (Katharina)
Reflections in a Golden Eye (Leonora Penderton)
The Comedians (Martha Pineda)
Doctor Faustus (Helen of Troy)

1968 -
Boom!(Flora Goforth)
Secret Ceremony (Leonora)

1970 -
The Only Game in Town (Fran Walker)

1972 -
X, Y, & Zee (Zee Blakeley)
Hammersmith Is Out (Jimmie Jean Jackson)

1973 -
Under Milk Wood (Rosie Probert)
Night Watch (Ellen Wheeler)
Divorce His/Divorce Hers (Jane Reynolds)
Ash Wednesday (Barbara Sawyer)

1975 - The Driver's Seat (Lise)
1976 - The Blue Bird (Mother/Witch/Light/Maternal Love)

1977 -
A Little Night Music (Desiree Armfeldt)
Victory at Entebbe (Edra Vilnosky)
Winter Kills (Lola Comante)

1978 - Return Engagement (Dr Emily)
1980 - The Mirror Crack'd (Marina Rudd)
1982 - Between Friends (Deborah Shapiro)
1985 - Malice in Wonderland (Louella Parsons)
1986 - There Must Be a Pony (Marguerite Sydney)
1987 - Poker Alice (Alice Moffit)
1988 - Giovane Toscanini (Nadina Bulicioff)
1989 - Sweet Bird of Youth (Alexandra Del Largo)
1994 - The Flintstones (Pearl Slaghoople)

Post Addition on 23 March 2011 :
Elizabeth Taylor passed away today.
I'm not sure about the details but I feel so sad about it.
She will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

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