Monday, May 12, 2008

Toys Battle - Louis Koo

Toys Battle
Author : Louis Koo
ISBN : 978-962-04-2741-1 (Chinese Book), also comes w/ a VCD.

I was browsing around the Kinokuniya Bookstore on last Saturday at Takashimaya for Tin Toys related books and unexpectedly found a book that falls into one of my favourite catageory.
The author and collector, he is a very famous artiste in HongKong entertainment.
I've watched most of his TV dramas and movies.
My first thought was this guy probably visited some Star Wars museum or something...
But as I read on, it became clear that all the Star Wars collectibles in this book belongs to HIM!!!
Wow... very impressive indeed.
To have so many 1:1 life size Star Wars replicas and movie props.
Ranging from helmets, statues and even star wars vehicles!!!
It's all so COOL!
Must have cost a fortune! These are very expensive toys!

The photos below are exacted from the book.
I like the setting and colour of this photo very much.
Not sure where is this place though but photo(in the book) have 7 Louis Koo, if I did count rightly!

Imagine coming home to see all these Star Wars. I think I would spent a lot of time at home too!
In this book, he wrote a brief description about Star Wars.
Along with some questions about the movies...etc.
Also how sometimes we can see life through these fiction stories...
I like the way he write, I can sensed the genuine thoughts.
I think this is the most important part about writting.

Louis Koo's visit to the Toy Museum by Mr. Teruhisa Kitahara.
Mr T. Kitahara one of the world's most famous tin toys collectors.
Inside the book, there are many pages dedicated about this musuem.

To think that it only took me two days to finish this book.
I'm pretty amazed! Because I've not fully completed reading any Chinese book in years!!!
I usually gave up reading Chinese books except for Comics.
But this book makes me want to read on and see all that's inside...
To see the treasure that's in this book!
Apart from Star Wars, Louis also covers a wide range of topics like Batman, Spider-man, X-Men, Transformers, Mickey Mouse, Deathnote, Tin Tin, Little Prince, Bear Brick, Tin toys ...etc.
Take little prince for example... I've read the book 2 times.
Frankly, I really can't get the meaning or message I'm supposed to get!!!
Maybe my mind is not pure or innocent enough.
Louis's writting about this book makes me understand better and I am going to get the Little Prince book to read it all over again!!!
Tin Tin is also one of my favourite comic character. I brought all TinTin's comics because I love the way the artiste drew. Everything was so lifelike.
Another thing worth mentioning is the VCD that comes with the book.
Inside is a mini story written by Louis, although not toy related but I like the tempo and feel of the whole story. It's quite touching too!
This is a good book for toy collectors or even for some leisure readings.
Buying this books is also a good cause because all the proceeds will be donate to the Unicef for Children.
BUY THIS BOOK!!! (aHA...I am not afflicted or earning any commission!!!LOL!)


heavenabove said...

Just wondering if you are OK since the earthquake hit over there. I'm not sure exactly where. Since you psted yesterday, I assume all is well with you. Thank God:)

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Heavenabove,
Thanks for your concern.
I'm not affected as I'm living in Singapore. I'm a Singaporean, not from China!
The earthquake is at China. The situation there seems very bad and one hospital collapsed yesterday too...