Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pete Fowler (Artist/Toy Designer)

Pete Fowler - Artist and Illustrator
Creators of Monsterism and Playbeast
Born : 1969

The monsters Mr. Pete Fowler creates all reside in a place call "Monsterism Island".
He also invents stories for his characters, each with a specific traits of "monsterism"!
The monsters toy collectibles were rather special, unlike most toys on the market.
It's a pity I couldn't get any of his toys. The characters I like were all sold out on the 2nd when I went back! Arughh...! But I managed to get his autograph on a poster and event guide!

My signed copy of STCC poster.

Mr. Pete did a cute artwork on my STCC event guide with his autograph too!

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