Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Seeing Bettas at Aquarama 2009

Aquarama 2009 - 11th International Ornamental Fish and Accessories Exhibition 2009
Date : 28 - 31 May 2009 (30 & 31 May 2009 - For Public Visitors)
Location : Suntect City - Level 6, Hall 601-603
Public Visitors Admision Fee : Adult S$8.00, Child below 12 years old is free

I went on the last day of the show, which was on Sunday.
It wasn't crowded at all to what I've imagined it to be.
The last time I visited Aquarama was about 5 years ago.
Which I couldn't really remember how it was now...
But I did enjoy my visit to see the different varieties of Bettas.
There are hundreds of beautiful bettas on show and I am looking forward to the next year Aquarama.


An interesting booth with no one around.
There is a Honesty box saying that items are at S$2.00 each.

Department of Fisheries Thailand - Selling Bettas and betta tanks.
The person there is friendly and would introduce their items to you.

Betta Club Singapore - They have quite a lot of nice Betta on display,
They are also selling betta arcylic tank which I find is quite nice.

There are a total of 14 different fish for the International Fish competition categories.
They are : Dragon Fish, Discus, Goldfish, Guppy, Tetra, Pleco, Cichlids, Corydoras, Gourami, Molly, Platy, Swordtail, New Species/Varieties/New in Trade and Betta Splendens.

The Betta Splendens Competition details for Aquarama 2009 :
Competition fee = S$25 per entry
Number of fish per entry = 1
Maximum number of entries per participant per class = 3

A1: Red STM (dark and light body)
A2: Black STM
A3: Red/Black DTM
A4: Dark Iridescent STM
A5: Dark Iridescent DTM
A6: Clear/Yellow/Orange STM
A7: Pastel/Opaque STM
A8: Light Solid DTM
A9: Bicolour/Patterned STM
A10: Bicolour/Patterned DTM
A11: Metallic Light-bodied STM/DTM
A12: Metallic Dark-bodied STM/DTM

B1: Dark Non-iridescent Red/Black CTM
B2: Dark Iridescent CTM
B3: Light Solid Colour CTM
B4: Bicolour/Patterned CTM
B5: Black Orchid CTM
B6: Metallic Light-bodied CTM
B7: Metallic Dark-bodied CTM

C1: Red STM Plakat
C2: Black STM Plakat
C3: Blue STM Plakat
C4: Steel STM Plakat
C5: Green/Turquoise STM Plakat
C6: Clear/Yellow/Orange STM Plakat
C7: Pastel/Opaque STM Plakat
C8: Bicolour/Butterfly STM Plakat
C9: Marble/Grizzled/Multicolour STM Plakat
C10: Metallic Light-bodied STM Plakat
C11: Metallic Dark-bodied STM Plakat
C12: AOC STM Plakat
C13: Symmetrical Plakat
G2: Giant Plakat

Betta Splendens Prize :
Grand Champion : S$500 cash + Trophy
1st of each class : S$100 cash
2nd of each class : Medal
3rd of each class : Medal

This is one of the Betta that I like very much even though it wasn't a winner.

Below is a double winner for Cat B5 1st prize and also the Grand Champion of the Betta Splendens Competition.

Close up of the Grand Champion

1st prize winner for the Giant breed.


Blue Fairy meets Gepetto said...

nice photos, my kids both want a fish tank but seriously after seeing how they took care of their hamsters I believe I'll make those poor fishes a favor if I just ignore my kid's wishes! haha

astrogalaxy said...

LOL! Kids interests usually don't last too long in one thing. But if they really wants to keep some fish, maybe you can try some african cichlids fishes as they are very easy to take care, colourful and does not pollute the water like goldfish...
Thanks for dropping in!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a nice exhibit with all those beautiful fishes! I was thinking of getting a fish tank as well but I dont know if i have the time to clean it or something.

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Charles,
It's great to see your blog working again!
For the least maintenance needed aquarium fishes, now I can think of is the Tetra fishes, Cardinal Tetras...etc. If just keep a few in a tank, a 20-30% change of water once a month should be sufficient.

RecreationalArt said...

that must have been something FANTASTIC to see!!!! How lucky!!!

astrogalaxy said...

Good to hear from you RecreationalArt!
And yes, it was a nice visit for me to see all the nice Bettas but too bad I was in a rush that day, I didn't managed to see other fishes competitions over there!
Take Care and hope to see you more often!