Friday, September 12, 2008

Star Wars Mix Figures

Updated Post on 10 December 2009

Different theme of Star Wars figurings are all group here.
Figures that just doesn't really have many or even none of it's type in the same series.
This post also has a very special figure.
It's a Unleased Darth Vader.

Darth Vader - Special 500th figure
Make : Hasbro
Year : 2005
Celebrates action figures for hitting the 500 mark!

Darth Vader
Missile Launching Glider Cape
Theme : Force Battlers
Make : Hasbro
Year : 2005

Shadow Trooper w/ Speeder Bike
Theme : Exclusive Comic Con 2007
Make : Hasbro
Year : 2007

STAP & Battle Droid
Firing laser missiles - Sneak Preview
Theme : Power of the Forvce - Epi I
Make : Hasbro
Year : 1998

Darth Maul
Epic Force - Rotate 360 - New Movie Motion
Theme : Episode I
Year : 1999

Darth Vader Unleashed
Theme : Revenge of the Sith
Year : 2005
Everything has it's beginning...
I would say this Darth Vader is my beginning!
Because of this figure, I started my entire Star Wars collection craze.
A little re-cap of how it all started.
I went to a Toys R Us sale.
Saw this big plastic can with Darth Vader inside.
It was on sale for only S$20.00.
The usual price was...I think S$59.90.
One third of the was Great Saving.
Plus I like this figure very much so I brought it.
Hence, one after another, my star wars collection grew since May 2006.
The "great saving" eventually led to actually spending more money...
The 1st year of collecting was quite crazy and this hobby practically wipe out my entire "toys money" savings!!
Now, things are better and I'm taking it slower and more aware of what I am buying.
It must be something I really like very MUCH! Hehe.

Post Additions on 10 December 2009 :

Handmade Metal

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