Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jurong Bird Park Shows

I've only managed to catch 2 shows at the Bird Park on Friday.
It's was a nice experience.
Venue : Pool Amphitheatre - Birds n Buddies show

This parrot is showing off his rope grabbing skills!
For the Tibits inside the pail of course!

Audience to mimic the way the Parrot laughs. LOL!

A very clever talking and singing Parrot

A parrot that Paints!!!
I think teaching a parrot to hold the brush and paint is already a great effort.
Even though we can't figure what the parrot is drawing! An abstract, maybe.

Venue : Fuji Hawk Walk
Show : King of the Skies (Birds of Prey Show)
This is a fantastic bird show and I highly recommend it for anyone who are to visit Singapore - Jurong Bird Park.

A voluteer from the audience to come close in contact with a Vulture.

Flying low to his trainer.
The bird is huge with it's wings open!

Over here, we can see an audience voluteering to feed the birds in the sky.
He will shot pieces of meat up the sky and the eagles would come flying around to catch it!
The only instruction given to the voluteer is : "Shot the meat for the birds! Not shoot at the birds!"....LOL!

King Vulture (Sarcorhampus PaPa)
About 80cm long.
This is the most beautiful species of Vulture
Habitat : Tropical Forest and lowlands
Found : American, Mexico, Argentina

Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo)
About 65-70 cm in length.
Habitat : Forest, Rocky Areas
Found : Europe, Asia and Africa

Another low flying act that makes the audiences screaming...
Left to right and Right to left... a couple of times...
Aha, I felt the bird wings flew by my head twice.
It's not painful, just felt like a gush of wind.

The trainer holds a metal plate and put a piece of meat on it for serving.
The birds are very flying very fast from different directions.
Usually before we can really see it, the meat if GONE!
I'm impressed at their speed and accuracy.

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