Monday, September 22, 2008

Dark Forces Horror

Bantam Books - Dark Forces Book (Total 15 Books)
First published in 1983 and 1984.
Reprinted many times till 1986.
Now it is Out of Print.

The Game - Les Logan
Magic Show - Laurie Bridges / Paul Alexander
The Doll - Rex Sparger
Devil Wind - Laurie Bridges / Paul Alexander
The Bargain - Rex Sparger
Swamp Witch - Laurie Bridges / Paul Alexander
Unnatural Talent - Les Logan
The Companion - Scott Siegel
Eye of the Tarot - Bruce Coville
Beat The Devil - Scott Siegel
Waiting Spirits - Bruce Coville
The Aston Horror - Laurie Bridges
The Curse - Larry Weinberg
Blood Sport - R.C. Scott
The Charming - Jane Polcovar

These set of horror books have been my favourite.
It been with me for about 20 years now.
I've just rewraped the plastic cover but the books now are still in a rather bad condition.
All the pages turn brownish!
Althought it's a young adult horror book, I still enjoy reading it now.
Back the the days when...
I brought these books using my save up lunch pocket money.
I was getting S$1.00 a day in Primary School in the 1980s.
A book cost about S$5.00 at that time.
I mostly brought it in a second hand bookstore near my school.
So it was like getting one book every two weeks whenever I've save up enough.
Maybe buying these was not easy so I extra treasured it.
Some titles were hard to find and the one that took me the longest to find was "Swamp Witch".
I was then in Secondary 1 or 2 when I've finally found this book and thus completed my dark forces collection.
Many favorites in this series are "The Doll", " Devil Wind" and "Ashton Horror"
Do you have any books that you've read many many years ago and still love it now?


Anonymous said...

I remember reading these books during my middle school years. I really enjoyed them and am now attempting to locate as many as possible. The list and pictures you posted will help make sure I don't miss any. Thanks!

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Kelvin,
It's great to know someone who enjoy these books too! I'm glad you find my list useful! Hope you'll get all the books you are looking for to complete your collection! Cheers!

Ian said...

Wow! After googling I finally came across this page. I remember reading a few of these when I was young; my brother had about six of them I think. Pure gold for a young horror fan!

I think the one that I had remembered the most might have been the Ashton Horror. Was that the one where the kids in their play D&D game awakened some hideous beast buried in the ground? It was a very Lovecraftian monster, and I remember the main protagonist and his strange friend had a debate in class on the merits of Poe vs Lovecraft...

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Ian,
Glad to find another fan that likes these too!
Ashton Horror was one of my favourite in these series when I was a kid but now can't really remember the story now...heehee!
Guess it's time to re-read my books too!
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful new year!

The Lazy Foodie said...

I found this after googling the series. Wow, this take me back. I loved these books when I was a kid. There was another YA horror series I would read, as well: Twilight: Where Darkness Begins. (

I'd love to find some of either series.