Monday, October 20, 2008

Star Wars Chubby and Mr Potatoes

Updated Post : (Transfer of Chubby and Mr. Potatoes from Bobble Head Post. Added new Chubby Series 2) , 6 April 2009, 10 December 2009

Star Wars Chubby 3 in 1
Manufacturer : Hot Toys
Box Size (LXWXH) : 16 x 8 x 10 cm
Height of the tallest chubby is only 7 cm.
This little collectibles is very cute because one doll goes into another one!

Obi-Wan Kenobi Chubby
Year : 2007

Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker Chubby
Year : 2007

Typical back of the Chubby 3 in 1 box.

Chubby Series 2 :
StormTrooper / Clone Troopers Chubby
Year : 2008

Typical Back card design for Star Wars Chubby Series 2

Jango Fett / Boba Fett Chubby
Year : 2008

Ewok Chubby
Year : 2008

StarFighter Pilots Chubby
Year : 2008

Star Wars Mr Potato Head
Manufacturer: Playskool
Box Size (LXWXH) : 19 x 12 x 18 cm
Figure Size : 14 cm

Potatoes have been one of my favorite kind of food.
Everytime I see these Mr Potato Head Star Wars Characters, it never fails to make me laugh!
Look at the Darth Vader below, don't you think he's stomach looks like a giantic egg?

Artoo-Potatoo (R2D2)
Year : 2006

Spudtrooper (Stormtrooper)
Year : 2005

Darth Tater (Darth Vader)
Year : 2004

Post Additions 6 April 2009 :
Darth Vader Chubby Jumbo
Theme : Jumbo Series 1
Year : 2007
Height is 8.5" tall w/ magnetic feet.
Unlike the normal chubby, this Jumbo chubby does not hold other chubbys inside the body.
The Darth Vader helmet can be removed.
Although I find Chubby Jumbo quite expensive, the quality of this collectible is actually good and well made.
The 2nd Jumbo Chubby - Jango Fett is already released in the market.

Post Additions 10 December 2009 :
Jango Fett Chubby Jumbo
Theme : Jumbo Series 2
Year : 2008
Height is 8.5" tall w/ magnetic feet.


Livingsword said...


My fave is Darth Tater the thought of a potato with a light sabre is freighting…particularly an evil potato…

Astro Galaxy said...

Greetings Livingsword,
LOL too,
These potatoes never fails to make me LAUGH...

Livingsword said...

A light saber could do quite the job on a potato…

Astro Galaxy said...

Aha... Darth Tater would become "Dead Tater" in split seconds ... LOL!!!