Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doraemon Figures & Collectibles

Updated Post on 11 February 2009, 4 January 2010

Here is my Doraemon figures, stuff toys and vehicles cars collections.
I've been collecting Doraemon for only 2 weeks.
Now that I started to notice, there are actually quite a lot of Doraemons collectibles here.
Find them in toys stores, supermarkets, street vendors and bookstores.
Ranging from figurings, stuff toys, stickers to many household items like floor mats, cups, plates and even door knob covers.
Initally I've only wanted to keep some figurings but some of the household items and stationary items are also rather cute.
Brought some of this and is posted in the previous post - Doraemon Mix Collectibles

Doraemon Figurings :
Doraemon Bobble Head Toyful Collection
A set of 7 + 1 Special (Green) character.
Below picture is a complete set.
This set is also my favourite among all my Doraemon Collection so far.

Giant Doraemon Coin Bank

Doraemon movie collection figurings.

Big Head Suction-Cap Doraemon

Clay material Doraemon
This pair has been with me for many years.
Would considered this to be my first Doraemon collectibles.

Silver colour Doraemon mini stuff toy

Doraemon Capsule Toys :
Light up Doraemon
Total of 5 in a set.
Got only one.

Doraemon Capsule Station Complete Set

Doraemon Big Head w/ pop out body
Not complete set - short of Gian and yellow doraemon

Sometime, playing the capsule is quite fun because you'll not know what is coming out.
My first play at this series was a Nobita, then Doraemon sister and followed by Doraemon.
But after this, a continueous of 3 Nobita came out of the capsule machine.
Ahhhhhhh.... I quit!
So I went home with 4 Nobita!!!
Anyway, I did a little painting the other three Nobita, at least it's a little different now!

Doraemon Vehicles Cars Collections :
Doraemon Bullet train w/ sound & lights
Including a Doraemon figure

Doraemon Music Van Set w/ Doraemon
Pull back action toy car, no sound/lights.

Doraemon School Bus
A pull back action toy car.

Post Additions on 11 February 2009 :
Doraemon Vending Machine Playset
I found this in a Sunday market.
Immediately took a liking to it.
The box was rather dirty but good thing that the the stickers and plastic bags were still sealed in the bag.
It took me about 1 hour cleaning it up with zippo liquid and lemon pledge.
Now it's shining and all worth it... heehee.

Doraemon 4.5" Figurings
The box says a total of 4 in the series.
I think the figure I missed out is "Nobita"...

Nobita Found! (Post Additions 4 January 2010)
It took me exactly one year to find this! HeeHee...

Mouse chasing Doraemon
This wind-up toy is very cute!

Doraemon Bakery Van set w/ mini doraemon figure
This car set is also the one I've been looking for since I started collecting Doraemon.
I remember seeing it years ago and like the "Bakery" theme.
But I didn't collect Doraemon then, so I didn't buy it at that time.
Glad I was able to see it again at a Sunday market last weekend!


Collectibles said...

Cute Dolls I love them ,I am a new follower of your blog and I love it .
Thanks for sharing.

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Lenora,
I'm very glad that you like my blog. I've also just visited yours.
It has a nice layout design and vast topics on collecting! COOL!
I'm sure to be back reading for more.

Thank you so much for visiting and sure hope to see more of you in here often!

Ryuwolf said...

i did really loved the Doraemon Capsule Station Complete Set and all the other cars and figurine ^^
It must take you a while to collect all those stuff.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Ryuwolf,
Glad to hear from you here too!

babydoraemon said...

Hi i love doraemon! Am trying to find those 2" size figurines. do u know where i can find in Singapore?

astrogalaxy said...

Hi babydoraemon,
For 2" sized doraemon figures, I can only think of the "Doraemon Bobble Head Toyful Collection" at the top of this post now. Not sure if you like it! Anyway, I brought them in a full set at Comic Connections (Heartland Mall, Tiong Bahru, Parkway Parade...).
Action City (Plaza Singapura, Vivo City, Marina Square) sometimes have Doraemon stuffs too.
Hope it'll helps!

babydoraemon said...

Hi thanks! I called the white sands branch and was informed they do have the mini going to take a look, hope its what i wanted!

astrogalaxy said...

That's great, babydoraemon!
Hope you'll find it!

LEon said...

You have quite a collection of Doraemon collectibles! Cool!

astrogalaxy said...

Hi LEon,
Thanks! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I have a doraemon clock that seems pretty old. It's analog and it is holding what looks like a cookie lol Im not to sure. I was hoping you could give me some info on it. I don't know much about the character:/

astrogalaxy said...

Sorry, I'm do not know much about Doraemon clock. As for the cookie, if it's round and brown in colour, it's probably Doraemon favourite Japanese Pancake stuff with red beans fillings.
Maybe you can try asking some of the Toys or Doraemon collectors Forums for more infos. Posting a picture there would be better getting you the right info as there are a lot of different Doraemon clocks out there.
Thanks for visiting and hope you'll find the info you need soon.

Anonymous said...

hi, i love the giant doraemon coin bank...may i know where can i find this? or do u sell it? how much it is?

astrogalaxy said...

Sorry, can't remember where now and it's not for sale.

Anonymous said...


Its all so cute... can i ask where are you from & which country you got all these stuff from? Im in KL & i cant find any....

astrogalaxy said...

I'm in Singapore and got most of my Doraemon stuffs locally. If you are visting Singapore, you can try out shops like Comic Connections or the Sunday Market at China Square.

ruzzaifah said...

whaaa! i love your doraemons,they are all cute!i want to buy all your doraemons stuff:-(