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84, Charing Cross Road

Updated Post on 24 April 2010, 25 July 2011

84, Charing Cross Road
Author : Helene Hanff
Publisher : Penguin
Price : U.S. $13.00
ISBN : 0-14-014350-5

I was first attracted to this book by it's cover. A black & white photograph of the bookshop. Cover Design by Chin Yee Lai and Phototgraph by Alec Bolton.
It was first published in 1970.
A simple yet touching story about the author Helene Hanff correspondance with a used book dealer Frank Doel in London.
It lasted 20 years. 1949 to 1969.
There is something magical in their letters.
Something so warm.
I felt I was being brought into their time 1949.
Why I like this book so much was that I could sense their genuine friendship and love.
In times now, I can only feel that the world is getting colder.
People tends to be more suspicious of others. (I do too.)
Most people just want more gain. Thinking mostly of their own needs.
Of course, there are still plenty of good ones but I feel it's just not enough.
Reading this book was a wonderful experience.
Don't read this if you never like reading letters…………

Post Additions on 24 April 2010 :
2 days ago, my friend told me there is a movie made for this book!
So I google for the movie and it was released in 1987.
Better late than ever, now I'll have to go find the DVD of this movie.
Have anyone seen this film?

84 Charing Cross Road
Directed By : David Hugh Jones
Cast : Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins
Released Date : 1987

Post Additions on 25 July 2011 :
Finally, I've found the DVD of 84, Charing Cross Road.
Watched it last night and it was very good.
Both Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins put up a great performance in this movie.
The movie set bookstore looks great in the movie.
A place filled with so much old and rare books. It's beautiful...
It's really kind of sad that the actual bookstore no longer exists now.
As I was searching more informations on 84, Charing Cross Road, I came upon this great website. It simply covers all the informations that lingers in one's mind that needs to be answered about this special place and the people.
One day, I really hope I can be able to visit London again and to see this actual location.

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