Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shinichiro Katai (Toy Designer)

Giant TO-FU

Shinichiro Katai
Art director for Devil Robots and TO-FU Oyako!
HE is seen here autographing on a Giant TO-FU at STCC 2008.
A lot of people brought these Giant To-Fu at the convention, it's really hard not to see these TO-FU! I think it's one of the best sellers there!

I just brought a small To-Fu at the convention for him to sign on.
This is my Bubble-Gum TO-FU!
He personalized the top and back of the TO-FU...It is soooooo cute!

My autographed postcard by Mr. Shinichiro Katai!
He drew my favourite Evirob!

Autographed STCC 2008 poster!

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