Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star Wars LEGO Part 1

Updated Post on 24 May 2008, 6th June 2008, 4th July 2008 (w/ an entire change of all photographs. More photos are added and includes some close-up view of the fantastic artwork on the LEGO box), 28 December 2009, 27 January 2010

This LEGO Part 1 section will features Star Wars LEGO that was released up till year2006.
For Lego after year 2007 or Star Wars 30th Anniversary LEGO editions,
please click here for Star Wars LEGO Part 2!

Do you remember the first time you've played LEGO?
How old were you?
I remember fixing it,
Then dismantling it,
Then fixing it,
Then dismantling it again...
This will go on and on for me when I was young.
Days and days spent on playing with LEGO.
Counting the dots on the bricks.
As I am not creative, I would always built as instructed in the manual.
Exactly the same model.
Whenever someone strike lottery or 4D in the family, I would set a set of LEGO.
Actually, I still have my very first set of LEGO.
Hee hee, it's a very small LEGO house.
Maybe, one day, I should get it fix and post a picture of it!

Lego Mini History
Lego started in 1932, Denmark.
Ole Kirk Christiansen whom was a carpenter starts the production and selling of wooden toys.
Lego literally means "play well" in Danish.
In 1949, Lego starts producing plastic bricks.

Star Wars Lego
First Star Wars Lego was released in 1999. Model 7140 - X-Wing.
Licensed from 1999 - 2007, now Lego extended the license with LucasFilm to 2011.

AT-ST LEGO - 10174
Theme : Ultimate Collector's
Year : 2006
Box : 47.5x38x7 cm
Pieces : 1068
Movie : Episode V and VI

B-Wing Fighter LEGO - 6208
w/ B-Wing Pilot & Ten Numb
Year : 2006
Box : 38x28.5x6 cm
Pieces : 435
Movie : Episode VI

Jabba's Sail Barge - 6210
w/ Jabba, Princess Leia, Han Solo, R2-D2, Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker & Gamorrean Guard
Year : 2006
Box : 47.5x38x7 cm
Pieces : 781
Movie : Episode VI

TIE Interceptor LEGO - 6206
w/ Tie Interceptor Pilot
Year : 2006
Box : 28.5x28.5x6 cm
Pieces : 212
Movie : Episode VI

V-Wing Fighter LEGO - 6205
w/ Clone V-Wing Pilot
Year : 2006
Box : 24x14x5.5 cm
Pieces : 118
Movie : Episode III

X-Wing Fighter LEGO - 6212
w/ Luke, Wedge, Chewbacca, Han, R2D2 & Leia
Year : 2006
Box : 48x28.5x6 cm
Pieces : 437
Movie : IV, V and VI

Clone Scout Walker LEGO - 7250
w/ Clone Trooper
Year : 2005
Box : 14x19x6 cm
Pieces : 108
Movie : Episode III

Droid Tri-Fighter LEGO - 7252
w/ Buzz Droid
Year : 2005
Box : 19x19x6 cm
Pieces : 148
Movie : Episode III

Jedi Starfighter LEGO - 7256 & 6967
Vulture Driod Plus mini ARC-170 Starfighter
Year : 2005
Box : 28.5x19x7 cm
Pieces : 202 (7256 only)
Movie : Episode III

Mini ARC-170 Starfighter LEGO - 6967
Free.. Refer to Jedi Starfighter, packed togetherBox : 13x11x3 cm
Pieces : 42
Movie : Episode III

Star Wars Mini Building Set LEGO - 4485
Sebulba's Podracer. Anakin Podracer
Year : 2003
Box : 11x15x5 cm
Pieces : 72
Movie : Episode I

Vader's Tie Fighter LEGO - 10175
w/ display stand
Theme : Ultimate Collector
Year : 2006
Box Size : 56x38x9cm (LxWxH)
LEGO Size : 33x33 cm (LxW)
Pieces : 1212
Movie : Episode IV

Post Additions on 28 December 2009 :
Number pieces of LEGO on each sets were added.
The movies on which the Star Wars Lego was design from were added too.

Post Additions on 27 January 2010 :
Sandcrawler LEGO - 10144
w/ Uncle Owen Lars, 3 Jawas, R2-D2, C-3PO, R5-D4, R1-G4, ASP droid, gonk droid and Treadwell droid
Theme : Original Trilogy
Year : 2005
Box Size : 57x38x9cm (LxWxH)
Pieces : 1669
Movie : Episode IV

I had considered for a long time before I finally went ahead to get this one.
Like the droids mini figures in this set.
There are a total of 12 LEGO mini figures.
Jawas looks cool too.

One feature that attracts me to buy this set is this hoisting top that can transport the droids up and down.

Another favourite part of the vehicle!

To view my Star Wars LEGO collection, please click on this link!


Kathleen Mortensen said...

I saw the original "Star Wars" the year it was released. Even as a non-scifi/fantasy fan, I thought it was great. My husband loves the movies, we own most of them.
I like your blog - and I love your little cockatiel, Elmo!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I don't usually write such thought-provoking stuff - it's mostly light, fun, rhyming verse. Come back periodically and check it out.

I'm adding you to my "blogfellows" - please link to my blog, if you wish.

astrogalaxy said...

Dear Kathleen,
Thank you very much for adding me to you blog.

Elise said...

Yeah I remember Lego! I still have a small box of Lego... I never got into specialised Lego though... Wish I had! xx

heavenabove said...

One never outgrows the fascination with Legos-especially Star Wars!

Anonymous said...

Just for the fun of it, Astro.
Look at me, I'm Lego Woman. I'm also old enough to be your grandmother, teehee! It's all good.

star wars lego collectables said...

My 9yo son loves these star wars kits and has me a bit suckered as well - have you seen the prices of some of the minifigures???crazy prices.
my son has got me to make a little blog with mainly pics of his sets - he likes it.

BTW are those Star Wars Pez real on your title - they look great.

Added you as a friend and joined at BlogCatalog.

astrogalaxy said...

The star wars PEZ on my blog's header are real PEZ, not fantasy PEZ.