Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Star Wars Videos and Games

Updated on 5th July 2008 (Transfer of AT-ST to Star Wars vehicle post and new intro writtings.)

The most important thing about Star Wars would be...I think the movie!
Without the Star Wars movie, there wouldn't have been all this collectibles, right?
Also not forgetting the vidoes games to bring us into the Star Wars galaxy.
Now, you can have a good lightsaber fight! Ha ha...

Star Wars Monopoly Saga Edition
Make/Year : Parker Brothers/2005
Original monopoly star wars edition.
But there are many fake ones selling outside at fun fairs, street stalls for only 25% of the original price.
Well it's cheap but it's fake!
What angers me is that some sellers actually claimed their FAKES as ORIGNALS!

Star Wars VCDs and DVDs collection

Star Wars Computer Games for PC, Gameboy, Playstation and DS :
I like the PSP Lego II very much. Very cute!
Lethal Alliance was also ok and completing soon.
But the PSP battlefront which has so great reviews, frankly, I'm still stuck at the starting of the game! I find it very diffcult to control and it game over and "GAME OVER"! So I gave up playing this game!

Star Wars Hand Slap Bands
Make/Year : Tapper/1999

Top Trumps Cards
Episode I - III - 2005
Episode IV - VI - 2004
Starship - 2006

Star Wars Glow in the dark playing cards
Make/Year : Glow zone/ Not stated

Star Wars Watch Gift Set
Millennium Falon Watch Case w/ C3PO watch and Yoday watch
Make/Year : Hope/1997
Not sure if the watch can work! I brought it because I like the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Electronic Mini Games :

Episode I - Podrace Challange
Make/Year : Tiger Electronic/1999

Episode I - Droid Fighter Attack
Make/Year : Tiger Electronic/1999

Episode I - Gian Speeder Chase
Make/Year : Tiger Electronic/1999

Episode I - Gungan Sub Escape
Make/Year : Tiger Electronic/1999

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