Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jack Doll

Collector's Lane Kids - Jack Doll
Size : 18"
Make : Collector's Lane
Year : 1999

Brought the Jack doll years ago even though I'm not a doll collector.
I like the various different suits of this Jack doll and his beautiful baby face.
Thus I ended up getting all the different types of suits I could find.
Jack would make a good photographing subject for me to learn portraits.
The entire clothings were all very well manufactured and also included different accessories.
Especially the shoes, it's very realistic.
The cowboy shoes was the most difficult to fit on the doll and I'll have to admit I'm quite clusmy dressing them up for photography.
My favoruite Jack's suit would be this Outdoor suit carrying a bag (below) and the Baseball player outfit suit.

Gallery of Jack :

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