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Speed Racer Movie Collectibles

Updated post on 23 August 2008

This movie is an adaptation of a Japanese anime named Mach GoGoGo in 1960.
I love the speed and colours of the racing tracks in the movie.
Not forgetting the funny chimpanzee call Chim Chim!
Personnally, I like this flim because overall there was never much of a dull moment.
But I've also seen reviews that many people dislike this movie!
Well everyone has different perferences.
In this movie, I like Racer X the best.
His sacrifice for the family and loneliness added some hints of sadness to the movie.
Same as the LEGO car, I like his car the best among the four!

Speed Racer Movie
Director : Andy and Larry Wachowski (Brothers)
Runtime : 135 mintues
Main Cast :
Speed Racer - Emile Hirsch
Young Speed - Nicholas Elia
Pops Racer - John Goodman
Mon Racer - Susan Sarandon
Rex Racer - Scott Porter
Racer X - Matthew Fox
Trixie - Christina Ricci
Snake Oiler - Christian Oliver
Taejo Togokahn - Rain

A Speed Racer Movie card giving by Golden Village with purchase of a movie ticket.

Hot Wheels - Speed Racer - Mach 5 and Mach 6

Speed Racer 8158 LEGO - Speed Racer and Snake Oiler

Speed Racer 8159 LEGO - Racer X and Taejo

Haven't fix LEGO in years!
Quality of the bricks seemed to have improved a lot.
The LEGO design for all four cars are different.
So it makes fixing them up fun.
There is one thing I worried is that the decals on the cars might peel off as time goes.
Also for the Snake Oiler and Taejo car, the wheels of these two cars would look much better if they have a wheel cap or something...

Speed Racer LEGO car

Snake Oiler LEGO car

Racer X LEGO car

Taejo LEGO car

Post Additions on 23 August 2008 :
Speed Racer Mach 6
Huge car with 4 movie sounds
Make : Hot Wheels
Year : 2007
This is quite a big car.
Length of car is 43cm.
Another released of this series is the Speed Racer Mach 5 car.

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