Saturday, August 30, 2008


Updated Post on 10 March 2009

Had wanted to watch a Wall.E movie today but I was not able to make it for the movie time.
But instead, I found a Wall.E and brought it home!

U Command Wall.E
Make : Thinkway
Year : 2008
If anyone is also buying this remote U command Wall.E.
Please remember to also buy 7 nos AA size batteries.
4 is required for Wall.E and 3 for it's remote.

Arrrugghh... batteries.... I need batteries!
It's too late now, I'll have to wait till tomorrow...

A Super Short & Crazy Wall.E rescue story :
Wall.E trapped in the box!!!

Wall.E :Please save me!

After some twisting and turning, the cables were untied...
Wall.E : You mean I'm free to get out now?

Wall.E : "I'm free! But where is this place?"

A curious Wall.E inspecting his surroundings ... ... ...

Wall.E : Ok...Not much rubbish to clear! I'll do it tomorrow!

Wall.E : Off to bed!

Post additions on 10 March 2009 :
I've watched Wall.e twice.
First in the cinema and one time just recently at home on DVD.
I still enjoyed this movie very much the 2nd time I watched it.
My favourite part was when Wall.e was in space holding a fire extinguisher to get around to Eve.

Wall.E Super Pinball
Make : IMC
Year : 2008

Interactive Eve
Make : Thinkway
Year : 2008

Wall.e and Eve

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