Sunday, May 04, 2008

Museum of Shanghai Toys (MoST)

I was at the Museum of Shanghai Toys (MoST) yesterday afternoon.
This Museum resides at 83 Rowell Road.
A 3-storey shop house that houses many old chinese collectibles toys.
Ranging from 1910s - 1970s.
I am very impressed with the interior design and display of the toys.
They utilised every corner of the shophouse and magically turns it into a very nice place.
The 1st storey is the Museum shop that sells many toys and replicas of old tin toys.
2nd storey contains the largest display of Mr Marvin Chan(Director/Collector)years of collections.
My favourite has to be a Room in the 3rd storey.
Makes one feel likes walking back into time.
Very retro feeling and genuine!
It was an entire different feeling.
Feeling like I've walked into my previous old home.
In fact, during my childhood, I was just living about 2 streets down at Pasar Lane.
It was torn down in the early 1990s.
Ok, back to this museum, some of the toys are display on shelfs, not locked inside a glass cabinets, so one could actually touch some of these toys, which I think it good and makes the visit real!
Another thing worth mentioning is the passport book (12 pages) from the Museum.
Get one at the 1st storey ticketing counter at S$1.50.
You'll get to do some stamping work but first you gotta search for the correct stamp chop! It's fun!!!
The photo belows shows the passport book. That's my little book I've stamped. Hee Hee!

This is the 3rd storey room!!! Must visit! The cabinets also displays lots of tin robots.

This is the first time I see this type of milk bottle. Funny shaped!

My visit was a pleasant one and I highly recommend people with an interest in nostalgia's collectibles to visit too!
The people there are very friendly and willing to share the history of toys with visitors.
I also brought a blue tin robot, my very first replica tin robot!
Aha...I am so attracted to Robots!!!

Some infos about the Museum :
Museum of Shanghai Toys
83 Rowell Road, Singapore 208015
Tel : 62947747
Opening Hours : Mon to Sun : 10am to 8pm, PH : 12pm to 5pm
Entrance Fees : S$8.00 (Adult) / S$5.00 (Children/Student)
(Special promotion for Singapore local bank card holders at S$5.00/S$3.00)


Blue Fairy meets Gepetto said...

really nice blog!
I collect tin toys from Argentina, Japan, Germany and the USA (
I enjoyed reading your site.

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Blue Fairy,
I am glad you've enjoyed reading my blog! Thank you very much for visiting and hope you wil be back at my blog often.
I'll be now going over to read your blog now.
Cheers and happy collecting!