Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oliver Ford Davies (Sio Bibble)

I received this photo yesterday.
This is my very first sucessful attempt for requesting of Autographs from Star Wars Movie Character.
Mr Davies gave me an 6 x 8 photo.
He is also very nice to personalize my name on the photograph.
Thank you very much !!

Oliver Ford Davies
Born 12th August 1939
A British Actor and Write

From King's School-Canterbury, he won a scholarship to Merton College, Oxford, where he read History.
He is also President of the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS).
He was awarded the Laurence Olivier Award in 1990 (1989 season) for Best Actor in a New Play for Racing Demon.

He portray Sio Bibble in Star Wars Episode I to III.
Sio Bibble was the governor of Naboo during the reigns of Queen Amidala.
During the invasion of Naboo, he stayed behind and was held captive by the Trade Federation.


Elise said...

wow, you really like Star Wars. I've never seen any of them... maybe I should give it a try. A war in space and on other planets? Okay I'll give it a try


chrisd said...

That's awesome!

And to think he's such a prestigious actor! (sp?)

Juliana RW said...


Thanks for visiting my blog :) My husband like to watch Star Wars.