Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Star Wars Vehicles

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This section features my Star Wars Vehicles collections.
The Make for these Star Wars Vehicles is "Hasbro" unless otherwise stated.
These are one of my top favourites among collecting Star Wars Collectibles.
In fact more than collecting Star Wars Action Figures.
I find that these Star Wars vehicles ... Solid? Attractive?
Not quite able to think of the right words to describle at this moment.
I just simply like these range of collectibles...

Naboo Fighter w/ Anakin Skywalker figure
Theme : Episode I
Year : 1998

Luke's T-16 Skyhopper (2 vehicle in 1 w/ detachable cockpit)
Theme : Power of the Force
Year : 1996

Imperial Shuttle w/ Darth Vader and Royal Guard figures
Theme : Return of the Jedi
Year : 2006
This is my biggest vehicle... The box alone already takes up half the shelf space.
When I brought this back home, I look like a Humpty Dumpty carrying another humpty dumpty...LOL.
Quite difficult to bring home.
The wings of the imperial shuttle can open up to reach 28 inches.
This was a gift for my birthday and I like it very much.

Turbo Tank (Kashyyyk Assault battle set)
Theme : Revenge of the Sith
Transforms into a playset w/ missile firing launcher
Year : 2005

Darth Vader Tie Fighter w/ Darth Vader
Theme : Original Trilogy
Year : 2004
When I saw this vehicle, it was a "Must-Buy" kind of thing.
As I've been searching very long for a Darth Vader's vehicle to add to my collection!

Y-Wing Fighter (Toys R Us exclusive)
w/ Y-Wing Pilot and R5-P7 Driod
Year : 2007
First saw this Y-wing fighter at a local toy store but the box was pretty much damaged so I didn't buy it.
I was like grumbling for a few months over this because I simply cannot find it anywhere else.
Then one day I saw lots of it at Toys R Us.
Imagine my grin!!! Happily brought it back home.
But about 2 weeks later it was put up on sale by S$20.00 off original price.

Tie Fighter w/ Tie Pilot
Theme : Episode IV - A New Hope
Year : 2006
This model verison has a "Larger Scale Wings"
Look at the second photo at the side of the box, the wings are really big!.
But I'm not sure about how the original varies from this one.

Flash Speeder w/ launching laser cannon
Theme : Episode I
Year : 1996

Mini Vehicles Collections :
1) Mini Millennium Falcon & B-Wing w/ Han Solo and Chewbacca
Theme : Death Star Attack / Return of the Jedi
2) Mini Sandcrawler & Landspeeder w/ Sandtrooper and Luke Skywalker
Theme : Tatoonine Desert / A New Hope
3) Mini Tie Fighter & A-Wing w/ Fighter Pilot and A-Wing Pilot
Theme : Space Assault / Return of the Jedi
Year : 2005
These looks like Micro Machines but aren't.
For small vehicles, I would prefer Micro Machines series as the worksmanship would be better.

Luke Skywalker - Customs Rebel Chopper w/ R2D2
Year : 2006
I wonder why there is a release of this model?
I don't rememeber Luke riding any motorbikes in any of the scenes!
Correct me if I'm wrong.
I don't think the galaxy got motorbikes, right?
Anyway I brought it because it was on a super sale plus there's a R2D2 sitting behind!
Want to guess how much I paid for it?
.... Only S$2.50 (Approx US$1.70)!

Anakin Skywalker's Pod Racer
Theme : Episode 1
Year : 1998
As some of you whom have been reading my past post might have know.
I've only started to collect Star Wars in May 2006.
So I've already missed many of these toys in the departmental stores.
My only hope is to find these at the local toys stores.
This is one particular Star Wars collectibles I was looking for.
It took me about 1 year to find it.
The first one I saw at a toy shop, the person quoted me a very sky high price - S$150.00!!!
Shocked! I was!
Anyway, I was able to find another seller selling the same thing - MIB for S$50.00.
I bargain it to S$40.00 and closes the deal!

Sebulba's Pod Racer
Theme : Episode I
Year : 1998

Post Addition on 1st July 2008 :
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Starfighter
Year : 2007

Post Addition on 5th July 2008
AT-ST - Miniatures Limited Edition
Theme : Attack on Endor
Year : 2006
Make : Wizard/Hasbro
I'm having a headache trying to figure out which post to place this item.
Does it belong to card games post? Or figures with scene? Or in vehicles post?
Anyway, I think it's better to have it in here for my own easy reference of my toys.
This collectible is made very realistic.

Post Additions on 6th July 2008 :
Anakin Skywalker - Starfighter (Green Colour)
Year : 2007

HailFire Driod
Year : 2006

Post Additions on 27 July 2008 :
Sith Infiltrator
Year : 2006

Tie Fighter
Year : 2006

Post Additions on 13th July 2008 :
AT-AP Walker
Theme : Clone Wars
Year : 2008
A very very surprised find today!
Because this is to be officially launched only on 26th July 2008.
Plus, I was looking all over the place for an older version AT-AP walker last week but couldn't find any.
In fact, I'm glad now that I didn't find any!
If not I would not be getting this new Clone Wars edition!
The box art is very COOL!
Comparing it to older verison of box art, which is black, darker colours...etc.
White base gives a refreshing new look.

Preview inside!
Didn't fix this up although I'm so tempted to!
I simply got no place to dislay it now.
So it's going back into the box after photographing it!

Post Additions on 27 July 2008 :
V-19 Torrent Starfighter
Theme : Clone Wars
Year : 2008

Post Addition on 8 December 2008 :
Dagger Squadron B-Wing Fighter

Theme : Legacy Collection
Year : 2008

Republic Gunship
Theme : Clone Wars
Year : 2008

Post Additions on 9 December 2009 :

Battle Pack - Speeder Bike Recon
Theme : Clone Wars
Year : 2008

TIE Fighter - White
w/ TIE Pilot
Year : 2008

Post Additions on 4 January 2010 :
AT-ST w/ AT-ST Driver
Theme : Legacy Collection
Year : 2009


heavenabove said...

I love all the vehicles but my all time favorites are the Millinium Falcon and the speeder bikes.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi heavenabove,
Cheers to you! In fact my favourite Star Wars vehicle is the Millennium Falcon!!!
I guess it was because it gave me such a great image of a spaceship when I was a kid and would often dream of boarding on one...One day...Aha!

Anonymous said...

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