Thursday, May 22, 2008

Star Wars Plastic Models

AT-AT Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport
Make/Year : AMT/1989

Tie Fighter w/ Flight Display
Make/Year : AMT/1996
This is a rather nice model. The Flight display is actually a round transparent arcylic plate on a stand. Able to hold on to the Tie Fighter.

Jabba the Hutt - Throne Room
Make/Year : AMT/1995
An interesting model with so many Star Wars characters inside.
But the figures are all very small with the exception of Jabba of course!LOL!

Shuttle Tydirium
Make/Year : AMT/1996

Typical plain back view.
Not as attractive as the front.

Although I love fixing and painting plastic models but I didn't fix up all these Star Wars models.
I've only opened up the box to see what's inside.
I didn't want it to end up like my Gundam models... fix but unpaint!
I'm so behind my Gundam schedule...Hee hee!
Does anyone like these Star Wars Model BOX ART?
I like the Shuttle Tydirium box art the best.
I think it is very well designed and drawn!

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