Saturday, February 02, 2008

Anthony Daniels (C3PO)

Anthony Daniels
Born : 21st February 1946
Anthony Daniels was featured in all six Star Wars films.

When I saw this Autograph at the Official Star Wars Shop.
I became "The Incredibles", fast very fast.
Got to be fast before it's SOLD OUT.
Take out wallet, log into the website, click, order and pay!
Phew, it was done!
Slowly counting the days for my Autograph to arrive.
I think it took about 1 week plus to reach Singapore.
Would say it was a rather fast delivery.
Happily, I went out to buy a photo frame for a golden robot!

Official Site of Mr Anthony Daniels
Highly reccomended especially on the section for Q&A. It's very interesting!
There's also a section about "The Dark Side",regarding forgeries of his signature, fake autographs being sold widely…etc.
I was shocked to see there were actually some many FAKES in the market!!!
Big Applause for Mr Anthony for exposing all these bad merchants! APPLAUSE !
For Standing out, Taking the time and Effort to let the Fans know.
You are a HERO - Anthony Daniels!

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