Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Star Wars - Kotobukiya ARTFX

This is one of my favourite Star Wars Collectibles.
These statues are made to scale of 1/7.
It is made very lifelike and each is approx. 1 ft in height.
Needless to say, among these Kotobukiya, Yoda is the smallest.
Kotobukiya figures need some basic assembly.
Nothing diffcult but be have to be very careful as some parts are quite fragile.
I didn't fix them up as I do not have a glass cabinet to display them.
Aha, if one day I can have a bigger house, I would really love to have these fix up and display!!!
Must go and buy lottery!!!Hee...hee...

Yoda sitting on a tree
Year : 2005
Theme : Empire Strikes Back

Anakin Skywalker
Year : 2006

Luke Skywalker
Year : 2006
Theme : Episode 5 version

Scout Trooper
Year : 2005
Theme : Classic Star Wars

Boba Fett
Year : 2004
Theme : Classic Star Wars

Princess Leia as Jabba's Slave
Year : 2006

Han Solo
Year : 2006
Theme : A New Hope

Stormtrooper w/ changeable Luke Skywalker head
Year : 2003
Theme : Classic Star Wars

Jango Fett
Year : 2002

Darth Vader
Year : 2005
Theme : Revenge of the Sith
The is the biggest box out of my enitre Kotobukiya collection.
This is also my very first Kotobukiya figure.
Even till today, this is still my favourite among all.



Looking at this has made me laugh - one of my friends did the most HILARIOUS chewbacca impression the other day at work and I was in fits of laughter!


Astro Galaxy said...

Aha...when I was doing this post, I didn't think it would make people laugh...
It's good to laugh...makes one Healthy!!!
You have a very cute friend.

Livingsword said...

Darth looks pretty impressive with that red mist surrounding him! How about standing them up on the coffee table?

Astro Galaxy said...

Hi Livingsword,

It's good to hear from you!
Hope everything's good over your side! Been to any zoos lately?

As for the Darth Vader, I'll say the box graphic design is very good. Black & Red always creates great contrasting effects! It's a great idea to have them display on a coffee table. I didn't think of that! But the figures are too big to display them on my coffee table. Hee hee... My coffee table is loaded with tibits and chocolates!!! Maybe next time when I buy another coffee table, I think I would get a big one and have some display. It seems COOL! Thanks!