Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tobey Maguire (Spider-man)

I recevived Tobey Maguire autograph yesterday.
It was a wait of five months, plus much uncertainty whether I'll ever recevived his autograph...
But now that it finally arrived, I am very happy about it.
When the 1st Spider-man movie was in theatres, I was hooked after watching it!
Became a Spidey fans since then...
Enjoy reading spider-man comics and buying some Spider-man collectibles.
Also collects some magazines articles on Tobey.
Many people would probably know him as Spider-man, just as I was with the 1st Spider-man movie.
But apart from his role being the Spider-man, Tobey has portrayed his characters very well in "Sea Biscuits" and "Cider House Rules" too.

Tobey Maguire
(Tobias Vincent Maguire)
Born : 27 June 1975
Family : Jennifer Meyer (Wife) and 1 child

Some of Tobey Maquire Films
1997 - The Ice Storm (Paul Hood)
1997 - Deconstructing Harry (Harvey Stern)
1998 - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hitchhiker)
1998 - Pleasantville (David)
1999 - Ride with the Devil (Jake Roedel)
1999 - The Cider House Rules (Homer Wells)
2000 - Wonder Boys (James Leer)
2001 - Cats & Dogs (Voice of Lou the Beagle)
2002 - Spider-Man (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)
2003 - Seabiscuit (Red Pollard)
2004 - Spider-Man 2 (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)
2006 - The Good German (Lt. Patrick Tully)
2007 - Spider-Man 3 (Peter Parker/Spider-Man)
(Spider-Man 4 is expected to released in 2011)


Livingsword said...

Hi Astrogalaxy…

It took him 5 months to learn how to write his name?


I prefer the X Men movies to the Spiderman movies but I am a Spiderman fan, I’m not sure what it is about the Spiderman movies that don’t excite me….

astrogalaxy said...

Hello livingsword!
Nice to hear from you again!
Usually, a fanmail would take about 2 to 6 months time to get an reply. (Or sadly never would...) I've heard from some people that sometimes it would even arrive about 1 year later...hehe... I still have a couple of "non-replied" ones out there and keeping my fingers-cross!!

For me, I would prefer the Spider-man movie because the movie has added much about the life of Spider-man as in the comics, his love, his family and work...etc. So maybe it's why it dosen't seemed to be so action packed and thus it's less exciting.
I've only watched 1 X-Men movie so far.
Btw, may I who is your favourite character in X-men? And which X-Men movie do you think is the best by far? Thanks!