Saturday, July 12, 2008

Star Wars Action Figures - Specials

Updated Post on 4 August 2008 (Added close up photos), 11 September 2008(transfer reproduction vintage card to another post), 9 December 2009

This section shows my Star Wars Action Figures - Specials.
Don't know what to group them in! I'll just named it "Special!"
Figures painted with different colours are also grouped in here.

Clone Trooper - Silver
Year : 2003
Remarks on the card : Promotional. Not For Retail.
Does anyone knows what promotion it originally was used for?

Princess Leia - Holographic
Year : 2005
For San Diego Comic Con 2005

Darth Vader - Red
Theme : Christmas 2005 Holiday Edition
Year : 2005
This have got to be one of my favourite Darth Vader!
Red!!! It's my favourite colour too!

Theme : 501st Legion w/ Vader's Fist Flag
Year : 2006
A figure that celecbrates the 501st Legion.
I think most of the members would have kept one of these!
Just in case anyone doesn't know what's 501st Legion.
It's the official Star Wars costume fan site all over the world!
They are the people who dressed up as their favourite star wars characters.
Turning all our Star Wars characters to life!!!
Cheers to these people!

Theme : 501st Legion - Make a Wish Foundation
Year : 2006
A toy with a sad and touching true story.
R2-KT was created in honor of a little girl called "Katie Johnson"
Katie passed away from brain cancer on 9th August 2005 when she was only seven!
Her father - Albin Johnson is the founder of 501st Legion.
Katie's sister, Aille thought it would be great to have a driod to watch over her sister while she underwent treatments.
So the R2 Builders Club made a unique R2 specially for Katie and name it "KT".
Also through the Make a Wish foundation, Katie's wish to visit Disney World was also granted.

Post Additions on 10 December 2009 :

Luke Skywalker
San Diego Comic Con International
Theme : Legacy Collection
Year : 2009
Brought this Luke figure at the toy convention in Singapore.


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