Tuesday, December 11, 2007

PEZ from my Secret Santa

Updated Post on 7th April 2008 with additional pictures.

PEZ from my secret santa was awesome.
Crystal Star Wars PEZ.
C3PO, Yoda & Darth Vader.
I love it !!!
This completed my Star Wars PEZ collection which means a lot to me!
The package also comes with a home-made Pink & Green christmas card.
Along with a christmas ornament (which I cannot post now as there is a competition on the cutest ornament going on later).

For those whom do not know what Secret Santa is, I have a brief explaination :
It's a game I'm playing with other PEZ collectors.
There will be a "Lead Santa" that organised and group us with one another.
Players will be called "Secret Santa"
Then we'll post a list of our christmas wish list for our secret santa to see.
We will have to give our name and address privately to the lead santa.
He will then arrange and tell us who to play secret santa to.
For example : I will get the address of one person I have to sent the gift.
Beside giving pezzy stuffs, also need to include a home-made card & 1 secret christmas ornament in package.
I can't write my real name on the package and will play as Secret Santa.
The person who recevive my gift have to guess who their Secret Santa is after christmas...

The followings are pictures added on 7th April 2008.
Also taking this opportunity to thank my Secret Santa again : Greenheadrooster!!

These are regulars sized PEZ except that they have no feet and are fitted to the stand.

Green Crystal Yoda with stand

Black Crystal Darth Vader with stand

Golden C3PO PEZ with Stand


Margaret said...

a lot is TWO words, not one.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks for correcting the error. I've changed it already.