Monday, May 31, 2010

Toy Story Collectibles

2 weeks ago if my memory serves me right, it's on 17 May 2010.
I brought 2 DVD. Toy Story 1 and 2, which includes the making of Toy Story and interiews.
So I spent the entire afternoon watching it and I am amazed over it's characters, story and graphics.
On the dvd box it reads "Toy Story 1 - 1oth anniversary edition"... oh wow, did I really missed watching this that long?
Answer is "Yes", even longer as I found out at wikipedia it's was released in 1995!
For years, I've always thought I did watch Toy Story 1 but only to realised now that I've mixed it up with Small Soldiers. How silly of me! Heehee... I really blur!
My friend asked me why I like toys so much but didn't watch toy story.
I don't know why either??
Anyway, here's a new Toy Story fan who's 15 years late.

Toy Story 1
Director : John Lasseter
Producers : Ralph Guggenheim & Bonnie Arnold
Voice :
Tom Hanks (Woody)
Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear)
Don Rickles (Mr Potato Head)
Wallace Shawn (Rex)
Music : Randy Newman
Released : 1995
Runtime : 81 minutes

Toy Story 2
Director : John Lasseter
Co-Directors : Lee Unkrich & Ash Brannon
Producers : Karen Robert Jackson & Helene Plotkin
Voice :
Tom Hanks (Woody)
Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear)
Don Rickles (Mr Potato Head)
Estelle Harris (Mrs Potato Head)
Wallace Shawn (Rex)
Joan Cusack (Jessie)
Andrew Stanton (Zurg)
Music : Randy Newman
Released : 1999
Runtime : 92 minutes

Toy Story 3
Expected released date : 18 June 2010

Toy Story Collectibles :
Mr Potato Head - Classic
Theme : Toy Story 3
Make : Playskool / Hasbro
Year : 2009

Mrs Potato Head - Classic
Theme : Toy Story 3
Make : Playskool / Hasbro
Year : 2009
I just love the Toy Story 2 movie quote by Mrs Potato shouting out of Andy's room.

Spud Lightyear
Theme : Toy Story 3
Make : Playskool / Hasbro
Year : 2009

Toy Story Alien
Make : Disney
This is very small, only about 4 cm in height.
I brought this at one of the stalls on a Sunday market years ago.
So it actually makes this the first Toy story collectible I have!

Buzz Lightyear Popcorn carry tub
Make : Hong Kong Disneyland
Got this in 2009 when I visited the Hong Kong disneyland.
The tub was stuff with a lot of popcorns that I couldn't finish it on that day. LOL!

Space Wings Buzz Lightyear
Theme : Toy Story
Make : Mattel
Year : 2008

Space wings closed.
This is a good figure, looks nice on dislay.
The only problem is the closing of the left side wing is a little difficult intially.
But after a many tries...about 20 minutes of practice with my clusmy hands, I found out how to close the wings! LOL!

Rex & Woody
Theme : Toy Story 3
Make : Mattel
Year : 2009

My favourite Rex photo. Cute?

Woody is very well made by Mattel.
Great facial expression and good painting works for this figure.


desmond said...

Woody is my favourite character..

astrogalaxy said...

Same here Desmond and I like how Tom Hanks voice made this character so alive.

LEon said...

I think Rex should be taller than woody. Bro if you are really into TOy Story, Pixel is in town at science centre. Go there to catch the movie in 3D! :)

astrogalaxy said...

Hi LEon,
Oh, I always thought Rex was slighty shorter than Woody. I'll go watch the movie again to see if I can find out.
I did search for some info about the Pixel exhibition at Science Centre last month but didn't visit it.

Lawrence said...


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Anonymous said...

Cute toys Astro! I like those Mr. Potato head series. Cool!

astrogalaxy said...

Heehee Charles! Thanks!