Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson R.I.P.

Updated Post on 27 June 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson
Born : 29 August 1958
Died : 25 June 2009 (at age 50)

I was at Vivo City just now trying to get a ticket to watch Transformers when my friend called.
I'm shocked at the bad news!
Michael Jackson had passed away...
It was a heart attack as reported on the radio.
It's really hard to believe and I like his songs very much since I was a kid.
To think that he was preparing for this coming sell-out concerts but now he's dead.
My mood's really dampened down and I felt sad.
So I came back home without watching the movie.

The 1st english album I brought was Michael Jackon's album when I was in Primary school (1980s).
At that time, it was a cassette tape which I played over and over again on a walkman.
I would say it was my first exposure to the western pop music.
I like the beat, the music and his voice.
Something very new, different and unique.
As I grew older, I continued to listen to his songs.
Many many years ago, when Michael Jackson was in Singapore, he visited Sim Lim.
My dad called and said Michael was at Sim Lim so I rushed down immediately.
I was lucky to be able to greet him and have a handshake with him.
He was wearing a glove.
He politely smiled at me.
This was my only brief encounter with the King of Pop.
Last year, I wrote a fan mail on August 2008 to wish him a happy birthday at Neverland Valley Ranch.
I've also tried to request for an autograph which I know now I'll never be able to recevive it...
Now that he's gone, I pray that he will be happy and peaceful at wherever he shall be.
R.I.P. and thank you very much for the MUSIC.

Michael Jackson death :
As reported, it was on the morning of June 25 2009 that Michael Jackson collapsed at this home at Los Angeles. He's personal physician was with him and attempted to resuscitate him.
A call to 911 was made at 12.21pm and they reached 9 minutes later.
Arrived UCLA Medical Center at 1.14pm.
Michael Jackson was in coma and died shortly after arrival.
Cause of death is reported to be Cardiac Arrest.
Pronounced dead at 2.26pm local time (21.26 UTC).
For Sony comments on the passing of Micheal Jackson, please visit his official website.

A fan made video I found on you tube!
This is also one of my favorite song from Michael Jackson.

YouTube Video credits : mj4life

Live at Concert

YouTube Credits : DjGuitta

I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson
I Just Want To Lay Next To You For Awhile
You Look So Beautiful Tonight
Your Eyes Are So Lovely
Your Mouth Is So Sweet
A Lot Of People Misunderstand Me
That's Because They Don't Know Me At All
I Just Want To Touch You And Hold You
I Need You
God I Need You
I Love You So Much

Each Time The Wind Blows
I Hear Your Voice So
I Call Your Name
Whispers At Morning
Our Love Is Dawning
Heaven's Glad You Came

You Know How I Feel
This Thing Can't Go Wrong
I'm So Proud To Say I Love You
Your Love Get Me High
I Long To Get By
This Time Is Forever
Love Is The Answer

I Hear Your Voice Now
You Are My Choice Now
The Love You Bring
Heaven's In My Heart
At Your Call I Hear Harps
And Angels Sing

You Know How I Feel
This Thing Can't Go Wrong
I Can't Live My Life Without You

I Just Can't Hold On
I Feel We Belong
My Life Ain't Worth Living
If I Can't Be With You

I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
And If I Stop
Then Tell Me Just What Will I Do
'Cause I Just Can't Stop Loving You

At Night When The Stars Shine
I Pray In You I'll Find
A Love So True

When Morning Awakes Me
Will You Come And Take Me
I'll Wait For You

You Know How I Feel
I Won't Stop Until
I Hear Your Voice Saying I Do

"I Do"
This Thing Can't Go Wrong
This Feeling's So Strong

Well, My Life Ain't Worth Living
If I Can't Be With You

I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
And If I Stop . . .
Then Tell Me, Just What Will I Do

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

We Can Change All The World Tomorrow
We Can Sing Songs Of Yesterday
I Can Say, Hey ...
Farewell To Sorrow

This Is My Life And I,
Want To See You For Always

I Just Can't Stop Loving You
No, Baby
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
If I Can't Stop!
And If I Stop
Oh! Oh! Oh ... Oh ...
What Will I Do?
Uh ... Ooh ...
(Then Tell Me, Just What
Will I Do)
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Hee Hee Hee!
Know I Do Girl!
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
You Know I Do
And If I Stop
Then Tell Me, Just What
Will I Do
I Just Can't Stop Loving You

Post Additions on 27 June 2009:
As expected to see the newspapers flooded with news of the death of the King of Pop.
Yesterday evening, I brought a copy of "Lianhe Wanbao" and this morning the Straits Times newspaper.
When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came to my mind was "He's dead!"
Somehow, I don't know why but I felt even more sad than yesterday.
Maybe I'm a delayed timer! Slow reacting...
Even though I don't know him but yet I felt this way.
His close friends, family and fans ... they must be having a rough time now.
It's really a great loss that we cannot see more of his performance any more, the music, the dancing, all gone now...

His friends/familes speaks :
Just as there will never be another Fred Astaire or Chuck Berry or Elvis Presly, there will never be anyone comparable to Michael Jackson. His talent, his wonderment and his mystery make him legend." - Steven Spielberg (Film-maker)

“My heart…my mind… are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can’t imagine life without him,” Taylor, 77, said in a statement to Us Thursday. “We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together. I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. It can’t be so.
“He will live in my heart forever but it’s not enough. My life feels so empty. I don’t think anyone knew how much we loved each other. The purest most giving love I’ve ever known. Oh God! I’m going to miss him. I can’t yet imagine life with out him. But I guess with God’s help… I’ll learn. I keep looking at the photo he gave me of himself, which says, ‘To my true love Elizabeth, I love you forever.’ And, I will love HIM forever.” - Elizabeth Taylor (Actress)

"He was magic. He was what we all strive to be. He will always be the King of pop. For anyone who has ever seen, felt or heard his art, we are all honoured to have been alive in this generation to experience the magic of Michael Jackson." - Beyonce (Singer)

"He was a kind, genuine and wonderful man. He was also one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. I loved him very much and I will miss him every remaining day of my life." - Liza Minnelli (Singer)

"I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. I am heartbroken for his children, who I know were everything to him, and for his family. This is such a massive loss on so many levels, words fail me. " - Lisa Marie Presley (Ex-Wife of Michael Jackson, only daughter of Elvis Presley, Singer)

“I am heartbroken. My prayers go out to the Jackson family, and my heart goes out to his children. Let us remember him for his unparalleled contribution to the world of music, his generosity of spirit in his quest to heal the world & the joy he brought to his millions of devoted fans throughout the world. I feel blessed to have performed with him several times & to call him my friend. No artist will ever take his place. His star will shine forever.” - Mariah Carey (Singer)

“I can’t stop crying, this is too sudden and shocking. I am unable to imagine this. My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family.” - Diana Ross (Singer)

"I can't stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever. My heart goes out to his three children and other members of his family. God bless." - Madonna (Singer)

“I am absolutely devastated at this tragic and unexpected news. For Michael to be taken away from us so suddenly at such a young age, I just don’t have the words.” - Quincy Jones (Music Producer)

“My heart is overcome with sadness for the devastating loss of my true friend Michael. He was an extraordinary friend, artist and contributor to the world. I join his family and his fans in celebrating his incredible life and mourning his untimely passing.” - Brooke Shields (Actress)


tikno said...

I'm also a fan of Michael Jackson. I really like his song "Billy Jean".

May his soul rest in peace.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi tikno,
Thank you for leaving a comment.
It's sad he's gone too soon and now I waiting in front of the TV for the 11pm plus for more news about him.
He will be remembered and missed by all his fans around the world...

Blue Fairy meets Gepetto said...

I hope lawyers don't end up making the battle over the money to overshadow this great loss.
great post!

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks blue fairy,
Whenever MONEY is concerned, things would always turn out complicated!

Woodlend said...

when i first heard the news I found it hard to believe. When I found that it was true, I was deeply saddened. RIP Michael

astrogalaxy said...

Dear Woodlend,
Same over here!
Please do take care too!

Livingsword said...


What’s a “cassette tape”? ;)

MJ was an excellent artist…however what about all the awful things he did in his personal life?

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Livingsword,
A cassette tape is also an audio tape... I must be very much older than you... heehee!!! BTW, here's the link to wiki about cassette tapes :

As for Michael Jackson, I wouldn't comment much about his personnal life, I wasn't there!
Even for those who are there, any people...etc., might not be speaking the truth when the lure of money is so great!!

For me personally, I'd like to and chose to believe in him. He might be weird in some ways in the eyes of some people but I think he has kind heart. He's a good one. It's not easy to live in all those glaring spotlights of entertainment biz, especially to have started so young when he was just a little kid...

Anyway, I'm really glad that you drop by and hope all is well with you over your side! Take Care!

Anonymous said...

I am not really a big fan of Michael Jackson but it is sad to see that a great artist like him ends something like this.

I was actually shocked when I saw the news regarding his death. It was really tragic.

astrogalaxy said...

hi charles,
It's suddden and moreover he's preparing for a series of concerts. It's sad and especially also for those fans that already has the tickets to the concerts...

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