Sunday, June 29, 2008

Singapore Toy Convention-Star Wars

Singapore 1st Toy and Comics Convention 2008
All about Star Wars at Convention.
Needless to say, as a Star Wars fan, I am really happy to see lots of Star Wars in this convention.
Especially at the Hasbro's booth. They had all the Star Wars display by timeline.

Hasbro - Preview of a new line of Star Wars collectibles :

A impressive display of Darth Vader timeline figures starting from 1985.
Wow...Darth Vader truly deserves all this spotlight!

A preview of Star Wars Legacy collection.
Expected released of this figures is 26 July 2008 in Singapore.

Beautifully display of Star Wars figures in Hasbro Booth.

George Lucas in a trooper suit! Ain't it COOL, huh?

Mighty Muggs - Fall In!!!

Ewok Treehouse - Notice anything usual?
Look into the tree hole...There's a ET inside!!!???

Star Wars Lego on display
Spotted some Star Wars Lego on display.
These two are my top favourites!

Lego Yoda

Star Wars 501st Legion :
They always say "We are the bad guys who do Good!"
Making fans happy and appearing for charity events.
In fact, I really admire them because it must be very hot inside the costume!

Keep your eyes open...There's always some troopers surprises around!

501st Legion Booth - Boba Fett

Cannot hear what they are discussing...Did Vader's gave some orders?

Stormtrooper : "See...I've got myself a R2D2. Ain't he adorable?"


heavenabove said...

You're very lucky to get to go to this! Kind of like a Star Wars heaven. Love all the figures. Yeah, I have an ET figure too and a glow in the dark ET lunch box.

Also, I put the penguin pictures up.

Astro Galaxy said...

Hello Heavenabove!
You like ET too?
It's one of my favorites and I think your glow in the dark lunch box is COOL! I've always wanted to get a Star Wars metal lunch box but no luck yet. I'll just keep on finding...