Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Star Wars Pepsi Bearbrick

Star Wars Celebration Japan
Pepsi NEX Bearbrick 70%
Year : 2008
Total : 16 pcs
Height : 52 mm
These bearbrick was released in Japan, July 2008.
I'm not exactly sure how are these accquired in Japan as I've brought these in a Singapore.
But I think these bearbrick was probably given with purchased of Pepsi Nex drink.
I like the packaging of this product especially that it can be opened and re-sealed.
So I can take out these bearbrick without damaging the packaging.
My favourite among this series of bearbrick is Jango Fett, Ewok and Clone Trooper EP3.

The complete set consists of the following Star Wars characters :
Darth Vader
Darth Maul
Boba Fett
Jango Fett
Tie Fighter
Imperial Logo
Clone Trooper EP2
Clone Trooper EP3
Rebel Alliance Logo


Anonymous said...

Those toys look awesome!

astrogalaxy said...

Greetings Charles,
I am just back from visiting your blog. You've got many very interesting topics and COOL pictures! I like your blog!
Keep up the good works! CHEERS!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and you too. I see we have some similar interests like RPGs and such. And also I am getting a DS due to a shortage of RPGs on the PSP lately. Since I am just using it now as my primary mp3 player.

I wished they port those fab games in Japan to US or Europe so we can enjoy them too.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Charles,
I'm actually DS crazy! Currently playing Harvest Moon - Island of Happiness. DS does have lots of games to keep one going... Beware of eyebags due to lack of sleep! Aha, that's what happened to me!

Not much of a PSP fan except I enjoy playing Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy and Burnout. But PSP graphic is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

True! The DS has tons of games to play. I am excited to get my DS next week! On my PSP I play alot of Final Fantasy Crisis Core, God of War, Star Ocean, Bleach and Tales series.

But one thing I like with the PSP is that it is all around. I can use Skype on it as well

astrogalaxy said...

Oh Charles,
I'm so backdated...hehe, I didn't know PSP can use Skype! COOL!

desmond said...

You have a wide range of Star Wars figures. Keep collecting bro!!

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Desmond! Cheers!