Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mike Edmonds (Logray the Ewok)

Mike Edmonds (Ewok -Logray)
Birthdate : Unknown

Mr Edmonds is Logray the Ewok from Star Wars Episode IV.
He also appeared in many movies that includes the Dark Crystal (my all time favorite), Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Time Bandits…
Mike is also the puppeteer whom operate the Jabba the Butt's tail in Return of the Jedi.

Yesterday, it was in the mail box!
It's been such a dry spell for me as I've not received any autographs for about 1 month plus...
So when this yellow envelope appears in my mailbox, it's like magic!!!
It's a very well printed official pix picture.
He even personalized my name.
It's GREAT !!!
I'm still staring at the picture now…
It's beautiful!
Thank you very much, Mr Edmonds.


Livingsword said...

I loved the Dark Crystal but haven’t seen it for awhile. For some reason it always makes me think of the movie/book “The Never Ending Story” another good one….

astrogalaxy said...

I haven't seen it for a long time too. I had it recorded on a video tape when it was airing on TV like 10 over years ago. Still got the tape but it's probably mouldy now. I also like the Neverending story. But I would prefer Dark Crystal to it. Stories like these companied me through my childhood. I like Fantasy & Fairytale stuff!