Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transformers Animated

Transformers animation was first run on december 2007 in USA.
It has now expanded to season 3 with a total of 42 episodes.
I've not watched any of the transformers anime but I like the graphics of these animated transformers on the collectibles.
I find them very cool.
So here's my little collection of Transformers Animation!

Ultra Magnus
w/ Spring loaded mass hammer
Group : Autobot
Theme : Transformers Animated
Year : 2008

Optimus Prime
w/ ultra axe pop out blade
Group : Autobot
Theme : Transformers Animated - Roll Out Command
Year : 2007

Optiums Prime vs Megatron
w/ DVD
Group : Autobot vs Decepticon
Theme : Transformers Animated - Battle Begins
Year : 2008

I've an animated BumbleBee which I've posted in another post.
Under the Legacy of BumbleBee which has three different types of BumbleBee in a box.
To view it, please click here!

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