Tuesday, November 27, 2007

About Blogging

Blogging seems to have extended to all areas of life.
Young or Old, Eastern or Western ... people just love it.
Since yesterday I was rather free, I started to search for other's blogs.
I found many with unique sense of style and provides me an interesting read.
Have you ever thought about why blogging is so popular and with an ever increasing number of people blogging.

Maybe it's because it's our personal SPACE!
Maybe it's because we love to WRITE.
Maybe it's because we want to share our joys & sorrows to the World.
Maybe it's because strangers are sometimes more comforting.
Maybe it's because creating the site for something/someone you love
Maybe it's because we can add Google Adsense!
Maybe it's because we can have sercet identity.
Maybe it's because one day when we die, this site still keeps going!

I've slowly learned how to blog, I remembered starting out last year.
I do not know what is page elements, how to upload pictures, add counter, how to align photos (which almost drives me crazy), honestly, I don't even know there is Google Adense.
Everything was blank. No friends to help me as I didn't let them know I have this URL.
Bit by bit, I built my site. Hoping visitors will like them.
Eventually, I got to know some nice and helpful people too.
This is another reason for keeping on blogging.

What is your reason for blogging?


Elise said...

Blogging is a great way of writing down everything that you can't say out loud, but you still want people to hear it.

My blog is my diary...


LB said...

I blog to solve the search engine generated problem of too-much-information for people using the web to find out how they can get on their favorite reality tv program, gameshow, talent competition,interior design show, home renovation show, cooking competition, fashion makeover, talk show, judge show...
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DragonRaid said...

blog to express oneself, with nothing to lose

Superskyrockets said...

Lovely post! I am blogging for several reasons one of which is unashamedly to make some money! Also though I wish to be a famous writer and intend to build a fanbase over the years. I am currently constructing a number of other blogs that all have different aims, one will explore my ability as an aducator, one will let me discuss a passtime I am very passionate about with others of similar opinion and a third is going to discuss and work for charities. Blogging is compulsive, its addictive and, with a little effort, a bit of spit and polish, it can be beautiful!

daisy said...

I want to earn extra income for my college because being a waitress just isnt cutting it!! I love to write and Why not get paid for what you love to do??

Stacey Lane In Maine said...

Blogging is the one place I can just say whatever is on my mind -- anonymously! I don't really care if anyone ever reads it, I just love to write. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. In the early '80s I owned a toy store and I remember the excitement of going to the Toy Fair in NY -- it was such a fun business to be in!

astrogalaxy said...

Dear Stacy,
Owning a store toy must be fun!
Thank you very much for your kind comments and I'm very happy that you've enjoyed reading my blog!
Hope to see you often in here.