Thursday, March 27, 2008

Klik Candy Dispensers

Updated Post on 4th March 2009, 9 December 2009

Some people mistake Klik as PEZ.
Klik are not PEZ and are not related.
Not much of informations can be found about Klik candy dispenser.
Klik has licensed on Nintendo, Betty Boop, Marvel, Hamtaro, American Idol, Popeye..etc.
Does anyone knows when is Klik first made?
What is the 1st Klik dispenser?

Spider-Man 3 Klik
Limited Edition of 20,000 Klik Candy Dispenser
Year : 2007
Distributed by : Au'some Candies Inc
Made : China
In Box Candy Flavour : Bubble Gum & Candy Roll

A 2003 Marvel Spiderman Klik
US Patent No : 5,785,206

Wow. what a Stretch...

Post Additions on 4th March 2009 :
X-Men - Wolverine Klik
Year : 2002

Fantastic Four - Mr. Fantastic Klik
Year: 2007

Betty Boop Klik
Year : 2006

Nintendo Wii Controller Klik

Wildlife Conservation Society Kliks
Panda, Monkey and Penguin
Year : 2008
On the card it reads :
Save our wildlife.
Every effort counts.
3% of our total proceeds will go to the
Wildlife Conservation Society to help
protect our world's endangered animals.
These 3 is a complete set of Wildlife Kliks.

Post Additions on 9 December 2009 :

Mario by Au'some Candies
Though this is not a klik but they look very cute!

Klik Ultra - Mario Kart
Year : 2009

Klik - Zelda, Donkey Kong and Mario
Year : 2009


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