Sunday, May 18, 2008

Star Wars Coins & Pins

Star Wars Coins - 24 Medalionz Box Set, comes with a numbered certificate

Star Wars Coin Album 30th Anniversary
Make / Year : Hasbro / 2006
This album also comes with a Darth Vader No. 1 action figure plus one coin to kick off the collection.
I've only collected a few of these action figures.
Found a toy shop that actually does sell the coins loose but I didn't buy them. It'll be too many to collect...$$$!!!

Star Wars - Millennium Minted Coin
Power of the Force - Bespin Han Solo
Make / Year : Hasbro / 1997

Star Wars - Millennium Minted Coin
Power of the Force - Chewbacca
Make / Year : Hasbro / 1997

Darth Vader Talking Bank
With waving lightsaber and sounds.
Original voice & music from soundtrack
Make / Year : Thinkway Toys / 1996

Darth Maul Coin Bank

Star Wars Pin from Episode I
Anakin Skywalker, Battle Droid, C3PO and Qui Gon Jinn
Make / Year : Applause / Not stated

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Pin - 1994
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pin - 1997

Star Wars - Pin Collection Official 2005 (Australia set)
Connecting Episodes I to IV
Total of 20 different pins
Make / Year : Courier Mail Sunday Mail/ 2005

Below are a complete set of 20 pins for the above albums

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