Monday, August 25, 2008

You Ya 尤雅

Date : 23 August 2008
Location : Tampines Mall - Open Plaza
You Ya was in Singapore promoting for her concert on 1st October 2008.
It was a rainy day but her fans still stood by to see her.
She sang only a song on stage - 在 雨 中! One of my favourites!
The kind organiser even brought the autograph table from the stage to the ground, so that fans getting her autograph will not have to be soak in the rain by going up the stage.

You Ya - 尤雅
Born : 18th December 1953
Recorded Albums : 123
She is a Taiwanese singer and a student of the very talented songwriter/singer Liu Jia Chang - 刘家昌.
She has sung many popular movies songs and was very famous in the 70's.
My favourites are :只要为你活一天, 在雨中, 心有千千结, 一帘幽梦, 我找到自己, 秋诗篇篇, 庭院深深 ...etc.

That's my copy of You Ya's album!Hehe!

An album You Ya recorded in Japan.
Many of her famous hits were compiled in this CD.
Music were re-arranged and this makes a good easy listening CD.

You Ya autographed on the last page of the CD booklet.

You Ya Vinyl Record collections :
I started collecting her vinyl records only a couple of years ago.
Brought these from local vinyl stores.
I'm not sure how many vinyl records albums she had released.
The date of the released were all not shown in the vinyl so I don't know the order of the album release.
I've noticed three different record companies and have started from the smallest record label number.
The sound as compared to listening to CD is that vinyl tends to have a sharper & higher in recording.
One thing about vinyl records is that after playing one side (about 5 or 6 songs), I've got to get up and turn the record over another side to play.
(On the bright side, it does makes me exercise a little...hehe!)
I haven't been listening to vinyl for sometime now but have always enjoy it very much everytime I played it!

Great Victory Record :YouYa - GLVP 714

You Ya - GVLP 740

Great Union Organisation Pte Ltd :You Ya - GULP 2127

You Ya - GULP 2152

You Ya - GULP 2188

Life Records :
You Ya - LFLP 193

You Ya - LFLP 217

You Ya - LFLP 252
I like this album design the best.
Very retro kind of feeling!

You Ya - LFLP 288

You Ya - LFLP 327

You Ya - LFLP 312

You Ya - LFLP 346

You Ya - LFLP 395

You Ya - LFLP 461

Here's two version of the song 在 雨 中(In the Rain):
The first verison is about 20 plus years ago.
The next one is a newer verison.

劉家昌 and 尤 雅 - 在 雨 中 (1984)

YouTube Video Credits : skwongh

劉家昌 and 尤 雅 - 在 雨 中

YouTube Video Credits : jamestannn

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