Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coca Cola Trexi "A Better Tomorrow"

Released in blind assortment in July 2007.
15 of these Trexi was selected after a 2-month online design contest and another 10 Trexi was designed by Invited Artists around the World.
The online submission attracted almost 4000 entries from 17 countries.
Another reason I started collecting Trexi was because of it's Coca Cola theme.
Each Trexi comes with a Coke bottle and can be firmly attached to the Trexi's hand.
I used to collect coke cans and bottles until lots of my Coke cans burst out, leaking all over my shelfs... I stopped collecting coke cans!
But when I saw the Coca Cola Trexi, my interest for Coke collectibles was renewed.

A Better Tomorrow - Coca-Cola Trexi :
Fish leaping over dragon gate, Recollections of Childhood, Share Fun
The "Recollections of Childhood" shown in this picture is among one of my favourites in this series.

Love, Coco-Doll, Lampada-Man

Passione, Swallow Peace, Sir Pun-STER

Bollicina (Silver), Popa Pengo, Happy Machine
The original Bollicina in this series should be "RED" in colour.
This silver Bollicina, I think is use for another Coca Cola promotion.

Jolli, Cola Sweet Heart, Happinkness

Refresh Sound System, Joy, Fridge Bot
Joy Trexi is also another cute little one I like.

Eggerston, Face to Face, Cupcomola

Enjoy My World, Transmutation of Happiness, The Mariachi

Coca Cola A Better Tomorrow Checklist
Total : 25

15 by Entries #
10 by Invited Artist ** (Mystery Trexi)

Bollicina - Tokodoki / Italy **
Coco-Doll - Laetitia / France #
Coke Float - Bloo Empire / Usa **
Cola Sweet Heart - Wan Jun Chi / China #
Cupcomola - Cupco / Australia **
Eggerston - Colorblok / Argentina **
Enjoy My World - Jady913 / China #
Face to Face - Ji Ji / China **
Fish leaping over Dragon Gate - XinJing 1028 / China #
Fridge Bot - Scott Higgins / USA #
Happinkness - Niark / France **
Happy Machine - Saner / Mexico **
Jolli - Michiel Baumgarten / Netherlands #
Joy - Sket One / USA **
Lampada-Man - Americo G.R. Neves #
Love - Trikid Mexico #
Passione - Massimiliano Panzironi / Italy #
Popa Pengo - Pulco Mayo / France **
Recollections of Childhood - Eloole / Spain #
Refresh Sound System - Mad Barbarians / Japan **
Share Fun - Jackey Woo / Hong Kong #
Sir Pun-STER - Jasmine Ong / Singapore #
Swallow Peace - Jason Kochis / USA #
The Mariachi - Mexico #
Transmutation of Happiness - Happi / China #

Public Poll (Online) Favourites - Results :
1st - Jolli by Michiel Baumgarten from Netherlands.
2nd - Passione by Massimiliano Panzironi / Italy
3rd - Love / Trikid Mexico

Favourites selected for PRC Market, by China Designers :
1st - Cola Sweet Heart by Wan Jun Chi
2nd - Fish leaping over Dragon Gate by XinJing 1028
3rd - Enjoy My World by Jady913
4th - Transmutation of Happiness by Happi

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