Friday, April 24, 2009

It's a HOT HOT day!

It's so hot in Singapore now and I think I'm going to "MELT"!
Wahhhhhh...even sitting in the living room with a fan blowing directly at me, I still feel the heat!
Had wanted to go swimming but I figured that I'm way too oversized to get into my wetsuit now.
Don't want to burst it, after all I've only used it only once for diving.
Cold water drink already, Ice-cream also eat already...Wah, no use!
This heat is really retarding my movements too!!
I'm sorry about all this complain but the heat is really driving me craxy!
My pet rabbit, Onyx is also molting like crazy, shedding lots of fur, I wonder if he'll be naked in the next few days. Poor rabbit!
I bathed him yesterday and it was the first time he just stay put at the sink and seemed to enjoy the bath!
What do you do when your environment is hot?
I thought of some ideas about staying cool but never did try them all.

Here some of the ideas for staying COOL :

WATCHING MOVIES - Watching movies that it related to cool environments, like "Ice Age", "March of the penguins" and maybe Christmas theme movies, afterall Christmas is in winter time!

ICE GEL PACK - Use a thin cloth, wrap it up and then put it on the forehead (as if you are having a fever).

MORE SHOWERS - I had three yesterday but it doesn't seems to help much. Maybe I'll have 5 today!!

AQUARIUM - Watching fishes!

OFF LIGHTS - Off unneccesary lights in the house.

MOPPING THE HOUSE - Add ice cubes into the pail of water before mopping. Seemed to COOL down the house.

MCDONALD - Order cold drink, ice-cream...etc. and sit there for hours to surf internet. Free Aircon!

SHOPPING CENTRE - Free Aircon but probably end up spending more money at the malls, so it's really not a good choice!

MIND POWER - Think COOL but for me, it really don't work!

If anyone have any ideas about keeping cool, please do share it here with me too! Thanks!

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