Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giant PEZ

Updated Post on 22 September 2009

Aha...Giant PEZ found in Giant Hypermarket in Singapore!
Considering I've been waiting for it to come to Singapore since year 2006.
Searching every possible PEZ selling stores but no Giant PEZ was spotted!
But Today...
I was shopping at Giant Hypermarket and spotted the "XXL PEZ" or "Giant PEZ".
It was a real surprise! HeeHee!
I'm very excited now and though I've not taken their photos yet, I'll like to share a post here first.
I've only spotted three different Giant PEZ and brought all three of them.
There are Mickey Mouse XXL PEZ, Winnie the Pooh XXL PEZ and Hello Kitty XXL PEZ.
Not sure whether there are any other designs but I sure hope that the distributors here can also bring in XXL Star Wars PEZ too.
Does anyone collect Giant PEZ too?

Post Additions on 22 September 2009:
Hello Kitty Giant PEZ w/ flower necklace

Winne the Pooh Giant PEZ

Mickey Mouse Giant PEZ

Photo of a Mickey Mouse Giant PEZ and Mickey Mouse Regular PEZ.


Anonymous said...

Like your blog. It remind me of my Star wars, Spawn collections & other Todd Macfarlane Toys that i sell it off years back. It is just a Big regret. Miss those toys. Am starting to recollect those toys again. Really starting slow. Coz now am taking Full Time study & unemployed. :( Haha.. Hmmmm.. Anyway, do u have any toys that you're thinking of selling? In a reasonable price.. hehehe.. Anyway, thers's Star Wars: The Clone Wars PEZ. i think ur looking for Anakin, Obi wan & Asoka right? They are already on the shelves at Giant Hypermarket.. Cheers! :) Mr Zoe

astrogalaxy said...

Thank you Mr Zoe,
Spawn and Todd Macfarlane are great collectibles too. It's never too late to start collecting. But I'm sorry, I'm not selling any of my toys at the moment. Maybe you can check out the China Square on Sunday, sometimes they have great collectibles there.
I've also started to go really slow with collecting now. 2 main reasons - lack of money and lack of space! LOL!
Many thanks for your info on these Star Wars PEZ too. I've seen it when I was buying the XXL PEZ but I didn't look into the PEZ bag...
I thought I've already have it and mix up with the Clone Wars series ones on card that I've brought. Now that you mentioned these names, I realised I don't have them! Thank you so much and I'll go getting them tomorrow.
Take Care!
All the best in your studies too!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a neat collection! I dont collect Pez but I love to eat them or what's inside of it. LOL!

astrogalaxy said...

Greeting Charles,
I don't eat much of these PEZ candy now. Because over here in Singapore they only have 2 different flavours for years. I usually gave all the PEZ candy to my friend's kids.
But it a good sign now that they bring in the XXL Giant PEZ and some special unique bags, more flavours are in now.
I'm waiting for the chocolate PEZ...heehee, saw that US market has them already! A fan of chocolates!

minnie(: said...

hi!!! im a fellow pez collector, and ive got some extras that i wanna sell or trade off. do you have any of those?? please email me at hope to hear from you soon.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Minnie,
Thanks for the offer but I can't think of anything at moment.
Maybe you'll like to check out the PEZ Community forum. They are all PEZ collectors and there's a section on selling or trading too!
Here's the link :

janya said...

how much is that?