Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Avatar Creatures

I finally got my Avatar toys last weekend.
When I reached home, it was almost immediate...I opened up these toys.
I wanted to see how the creatures look inside these box.
Are they detail? The size? How's the colours? What's an i-Tag?...etc.
Overall, I'm very impressed with these toys series that Mattel make for Avatar.
Especially the AMP suit, which I'll post at the next post.
It's really fantastic!!
But now, I have one problem and that is my computer... it can't support the i-Tag requirements.
I'm not sure what is lacking but it's probably due to my computer age that I kept getting the error code from the programme at the i-tag website.
So I'll skip the part about i-Tags for the time being.
Back to the Avatar Creatures.
The Direhorse is more detailed out of the box as compared to the picture at the back of the packaged.
Sorry to say, but the picture on the back of the box packaging looks unreal and plastic.
The actual Direhorse figure looks more solid and realistic.
For example, the horseshoe, they are darker brown in colour instead of the box packaged that shows a lighter brown!
As for the Leonopteryx, it's really a giant!
I measured the front wing tips, one end to the other, it's about 51cm apart.
I didn't expect it's size and it can't fit into my small 40x23x25cm(LXBXH) display tank that I've prepared to use it for Avatar display.
The Leonopteryx is a good looking figure and it comes with a clear display stand.

Avatar - Direhorse
Make: Mattel
Year : 2009
i-Tag : Level 2
Figures : Sold separately

Typical description on all package :
James Cameron's AVATAR
On a deadly but mineral-rich distant moon called Pandora, ex-Marine Jake Sully is torn
between duty and honor when he finds himself caught between the heavily armed forces of
Earth's most powerful star-faring consortium and an exotic, noble alien race whose very
existence is threatened by the human invaders.

Very interesting different infos are shown about each figure.

Description on box :
NA'VI Name : Pa'li
Description : Six legs, armour-like skin over shoulders and along the back of the neck and
head. Moth-like antennae that acts as neural interface. Over thirteen feet
high. Domesticated by the Na'vi as a fast riding animal. Usually gentle, but
fierce in battle
Habitat : Rainforest and grasslands
Feeding Ecology : Herbivore that feeds on grass, tree barks, shrubs and pollen from plants

Direhorse w/ i-Tag

Neytiri riding on Direhorse
(Note : Figures are not included in the Direhorse box)

Jake riding the Direhorse

Avatar - Leonopteryx
Make: Mattel
Year : 2009
i-Tag : Level 4

Description on the box :
NA'VI Name :
Toruk or "Last Shadow"
Description : A ferocious, massive flying creature with a wingspan over
eighty feet. Sharp fins on head can be used to injure prey.
Powerful talons for grasping prey and perching.
Habitat : Mountain aeries and skies
Feeding Ecology : Apex aerial predator. Carnivore.

Jake flying on Leonopteryx


LEon said...

This is the first time I see Mattel toy review and it look good. Jake sitting position don't look very comfortable tho. LOL

desmond said...

Bro, great score for your AVATAR toy line. I saw the video review on these toys via Juliana's blog for quite some time. My favourite one is the AMP machine and the helicopter. Don't know if these are available in local departmental stores. I want to see the actual products :)

Juliana said...

Wow, the Avatar creatures toys and Na'vi figures look very cool! Great photos you have there! Where did you buy them from? :)

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Leon,
Aha...thought it look a bit weird but I can't remember how Jake sat on the Leonopteryx in the movie...Aha! I did tried out other pose but it seems funny too. LOL!

astrogalaxy said...

Hello Desmond!
My favourite is also the AMP and RDA gunship!
The Avatar toys are not in our local departmental stores. I wonder would they ever, since it's already been quite some time from the releasing of the movie now. Chances seemed slim!
Simply toys have just re-stocks their avatar toys and I saw the AMP and RDA gunship at PS last week.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks Juliana,
I got them them at Simply toys!

Juliana said...

That's the only local toy shop I see selling Avatar toys so far. I haven't checked the other toy shops yet. It's confirmed that the dept stores do not have them at all.

Jake rides the Banshee and Leonopteryx like a jockey riding a racehorse. His feet are supported by the stirrups of the saddle while he crouches forward to hold the bindings tied between the creatures' "feelers" with one hand. The other hand is held behind the small of his back :)

You can only achieve this riding pose if the Avatar creatures are equiped with saddles and stirrups, plus if the Na'vi figures have very articulated hips, knees and ankles especially. Someone should custom make the saddles for the flying creatures toys :P

astrogalaxy said...

I see... thank you for the infos Juliana!

Avatar Action Figure Fan said...

I love them. Awesome Avatar Action figures. I have a few of them myself. I have the neytiri and sully figures and the RDA vehicle. Pretty cool. Do you like the i-tag technology?

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Avatar Action Figure Fan!
I've visited your web store and they look great!
I've tried out the i-Tag stuffs and love it!

G#@D@ said...

OMG Avatar is the best, i would totally buy all of these lol :) Nice blog!

astrogalaxy said...

Have a good day