Wednesday, July 28, 2010


AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport)
w/ AT-AT Driver and Speeder Bike
Theme : Legacy Collection
Make : Hasbro
Year : 2010
Batteries : 3 "AA" batteries (Not included)

I went to the OG Star Wars Morning Madness - Countdown to Star Wars Shadows of the Dark Side promotion on the 24 July 2010.
It was held only at OG Orchard Point, 8.00am.
Heard it was a big crowd in the morning and the queue started at 7am!
I wasn't among the Star Wars fans in the morning crowd.
Was there in the evening and there were still quite many collectors getting the Star Wars action figures and stuffs.
They launched the reproduction of Star Wars Vintage card.
Buy 6 Vintage figures and get a Boba Fett redemption figure free.
I'm suprised to see this AT-AT has arrived in Singapore.
It's something that I've been waiting for, so I brought it immediately.
There is also a display of this AT-AT on that day but I'm not sure if it's still there now.

This AT-AT also includes a speeder bike!

AT-AT driver

Electronics phrases in AT-AT (may play in different order)
Clone Trooper :
All right men load your weapons.
Blizzard squadron objective completed.
Ground troops deployed sir.
Range to target, one-seven decimal twenty-eight.
Preparing attack vectors.
Primary guns charged and ready.
Rebel base located.
Rebel forces in range.
Rebel forces spotted.
We're taking heavy fire sir.

Imperial Officer :
Forward deflectors at full power.
Launch speeder bike recon patrol.
Rebel snowspeeder squadron approaching on your flank.
Red light.
Target the Rebel scum.
Troops standing by for deployment.

Darth Vader :
Don't fail me.
Don't let Skywalker escape.
That's it, the Rebels are there. And Skywalker is there with them.
The Rebels are alerted to our presence.

General Veers :
All troops will debark for ground assault.
Distance to power generators.
I've reached the main power generators.
Prepare to target the main generator.
Target, maximum firepower.
The shield will be down in moments.
You may start your landing.

Head part is well made. The flexible rubber connecting to the cockpit makes this AT-AT more realistic.

4 legs done up!

When I took out all the parts from the box, I was shocked to find the manual missing.
Then I looked through the parts, look at the box again... couldn't find it.
I was a little worried then but anyway, good that I've found it now.
Instruction manual is at the BACK of the inner packaging box (mine's stuck on a little tape.)

AT-AT's belly!

Battery compartment under the AT-AT's belly.
Phillips/cross head screwdriver required over here!

3 1.5v AA batteries required (Batteries not included)

All legs attached!

Almost done!


Boarding Hatch.
Can be open on both sides.
Each with a lift access.

Does this resembles "Scout Trooper?"

AT-AT head control.
Pull back the handle can lift the AT-AT's head.
Rotate the handle left or right, rotates the head too. But not much.

Vehicle bay.
Rear of AT-AT can fit in the Speeder bike.

AT-AT specifications in the Star Wars movies :
Type : Walker
Affiliation : Empire
Height : 15.5 metres
Speed : 60km/h
Equipment : Can hold 5 speeder bikes and up to 40 troopers.


LEon said...

Congrats for getting this AT-AT. Its really look like its worth the money with the details.

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks LEon! This is indeed quite a detail vehicle from Hasbro.

desmond said...

Astro, great score on this vehicle. I believe it's much taller and bigger than the earlier version. This is really an awesome vehicle. Go and fill up the vehicle with all your troopers :P

astrogalaxy said...

Thank you desmond,
I'm not sure about the previous version but it's good if this is a bigger version than it's earlier version. Heehee...
I'm also really tempted to get some troopers for it!!

Anonymous said...

WOW that's an awesome toy! Congrats!

astrogalaxy said...

Thank you charles!

clementina said...


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astrogalaxy said...

hi clementina,
I can't access to your blog link at this moment. I'll will check back a few days later. If you're blog is up, I'll add your link.

The Rebel said...

Great score bro! I have yet to pick up trooper's all ready though..LOL!

astrogalaxy said...

That's great Rebel!
Displaying with troopers would be awesome.

Mike Overall said...

Hey you commendted on my toy site a while back and I never responded, so what better time then now? Sweet ATAT pick up. Keep it mint!

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for dropping by!

astrogalaxy said...

clementina, your blog link is up today!