Friday, January 30, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Dada

Year : Bandai 2013
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 1967 - Ultraman Episode 28 - Human Specimens

Other Names : Three Faces Phantom (三面怪人)
Planet : Dada Star
Height : 40 m
Weight : 70,000t
Type : Seijin

Brief Brief History : Scary looking Alien Dada attacks Earth and abducted humans for their research.

Dada has three different types of faces. All three not much difference in terms of shape. It still looks kind of scary though. This figure I have has only one type of face. Dada has quite a few interesting things to mention. Dada has the ability to FLY and change form from small sizes to huge size. Has a micronizer gun that is able to shrink sizes. Able to control the mind and body of human. Teleporting is also what Dada is good at. The thing to beware is Dada's Kiss, it will weaken enemy

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