Saturday, June 28, 2008

1st Toy Convention in Singapore

Updated Post on 29 July 2008 - Covering 2 days of Convention

I spent my entire Saturday morning and afternoon at the convention today!
Most of my time was actually spent on squeezing through massive crowds and queuing up for autographs.
Overall, it was quite a nice experience especially seeing all the Star Wars 501st legion walking around the convention and Hasbro history of Star Wars collectibles.

See the crowds...It was much more than I've expected.
Arrived at 10.45am.
I regretted not bring along my DS.
Even though I've pre-register but the line was still very long.
Queue for about 40 minutes and when I just managed to get near the entrance...
The Exhibitor shouted "Don't need to register...Please enter!!!"

A Booth for Star Trek Fans

Gundam mania!
My favourite plastic models of all time.

Massive crowds at Tokidoki booth.
The guy wearing the blue cap is Simone Legno...busy signing autographs.

Blythe Dolls

Masked Riders

Toys by Devil Robots

Hell Boy

Rubiks Expert... Note the time in seconds. He completed a mixup magic cube in 20.80 seconds!
Wow...I'm very impressed.
I brought one home and well...I'm still trying!!!

Gold Lightan

Elvis Bearbrick - COOL!

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