Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogging just another day!

I usually don't write too much about myself or what I do!
Simply because I don't think anyone would be interested!
I'm still sticking my personal stuff to an old little diary.
Does anyone still have the habit of writting a diary book?
If you've noticed or been reading, I'm always talking about toys!
I feel it's much more comfortable writting something leisurely.
Anyway, it was created in the first place as a blog about toys.
It's now about 6pm. Going out soon for dinner!
How time files...
I've spent my entire afternoon reading other's blogs.
Leaving comments when I stumbled upon blogs I like.
Recently, I found some blogs from our local TV stars.
Some are quite interesting and it also gave us an opporunity to know more about the stars.
I think it is also good for them to have a place to express themselves.
A place for them to interact with their fans.
To let fans know first hand about their feelings and thoughts...etc.
Better than to have some newspapers create a big woo-ha of something irrelevant or FAKE news.
Blogging could well be a de-stressing place for them.
Does blogging makes you less stress? Or more stress?
Do leave me some comments to let me know! Thanks!
In case you are wondering about me!
Blogging sometimes does makes me less stressful.
Makes me forget about the stress about life, work, money, people...etc.
Because it occupies so much of my time taking pictures, uploading pictures, think of what to write, what to post...etc.
So I got not much spare time left to think about LIFE!
Aha... all I can say is I still enjoy blogging as much as when I just started!


Mrs. Earnest said...

Hello, to me is a stress reliever. What is a little stressful for me is thinking that I do write very personal stuff in my blog. I try not to involve the people in my life so I respect their privacy but, sometimes it's hard. Nice page by the way!

babaldy said...

Personally,I find blogging a way of hope to reach the masses in a way akin to free speech.It allows to me tell stories(which should be published for money)and vent things I have come to know and or notice around me and bring lite to.I can voice opinion openly and promote what I feel deserves it.It is much like a newspaper of and for the people without the costs involved.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. As for writing all of my personal thing in a book I have choose to write a blog. I don't hold back on anything. Don't know if that is good or not. I find that when I blog it clears my head and I feel better. I find peace in it.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Mrs. Earnest,
I've just visited your blog and would really love to see pictures of your pet ferrets too!

astrogalaxy said...

Hello babaldy,
I like it when you said " find blogging a way of hope to reach the masses in a way akin to free speech"...

astrogalaxy said...

Dear leah,
Anything that makes you comfortable or find peace is a good thing! Keep on writting!
Cheers and all the best for you and your family!