Saturday, July 19, 2008

Japanese PEZ & Mini's (Japan)

This post will consist of PEZ from Japan.
Ranging from Japanese Regular, Mini PEZ and Mini x PEZ.

A shipment arrive from Japan yesterday afternoon.
A plain afternoon suddenly turned into an afternoon of excitment for me!!! mini pez have arrived!

Newly arrived japanese pez lining up for photography.
Ain't these little fellows cute?

The height difference between regular PEZ, Minis and Mini X.

Regular PEZ from Japan :
Kyoro-Chan PEZ
Caramel Kyoro, Strawberry Kyoro, Banana Kyoro and Caramel Kyoro
Not sure if this is a bird or peanut!
I think it belongs to some kind of tibits/chocolate food characters.
Find this PEZ very adorable... like their blur & funny look!!!

Japanese Mini PEZ :
Mini PEZ are generally the same as regular sized PEZ except their stem is half the size in length.

Mini PEZ are only available for sale in Japan.
Usually sold in Capsule machines. Each have 5 mini's in a series.

Ultraman Mini PEZ - Series 3
Jeness, Kanegon, Unfance, Booska and Leo

Pokemon Mini PEZ - Series 2
Gonbe, Meowth, Plusle, Deoxys and Minun

Pokemon Mini PEZ - Series 3
Mew, Manyula, Pikachu, Rukario and Manene

Pokemon Mini PEZ - Series 4
Pikachu,Pachiris, Hikozaru, Pocchama and Naetoru

Keroro Mini PEZ - Series 1
Corporal Dororo, Sgt. Keroro, Corporal Giroro, Private Tamama and Sgt. Major Kururu

Keroro Mini PEZ - Series 2
Sgt. Keroro B, Corporal Giroro, Private Tamama, Sgt. Afro and Sgt. Keroro A

Tamagocchi Mini PEZ
Mamecchi, Memecchi, Mimicchi, Kuchipacchi and Fulawachhi

Dragonball Mini PEZ - Series 2
Gotenks, Mr. Satan, Son Gohan, Majin Buu and Son Goku

Dragonball Mini PEZ - Series 3
Shenlong, Son Gohan, Son Goku, Trunks and Perfect Cell

I have my 1st purchase Japanese Mini PEZ - Mario Party set in an older post.For viewing, please click here!

Japanese Mini X PEZ :
One Piece Mini x PEZ
Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Luffy, Going Merry and Tony Chopper


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