Friday, July 18, 2008

Panda Z

Updated Post on 19 July 2008, 27 November 2008

Panda-Z : Robonimal Collection
Make : MegaHouse
Figure Height : Approx 9cm
Age limit : 15 years old above

A typical packaging of Panda-Z.

Panda-Z : Rescue Bear 01
Year : 2003
There are 2 rescue bears each labelled 01 and 02.
Two Rescue bears can be joint up by a stretcher as seen on the back of the card.

Panda-Z : Rescue Bear o2 (Added on 19 July 2008)
Year : 2002

Panda-Z : Mougyu
Year : 2004

Panda-Z : Dr. Jangarly
Year : 2004

Panda-Z : Dr. Panj.Ji
Year : 2003

Panda-Z : Fire Bear
Year : 2003

Panda-Z : Medical Bear
Year : 2003

Mini Facts about Panda-Z :
Panda-Z is a Japanese Anime TV series.
Created by Shuichi Oshida in 1997.
Director is Mamoru Kanbe.
A total of 30 episodes anime that run on TV in 2004.
Main character is Pan-Taron who lives in a place call "Robonimal Island".
This comedy anime main character is "None of the characters are voiced, meaning no dialogue and the entire anime is presented with sound effects and movements only.

Who's Who in the anime of Panda-Z :
Pan-Taron - A super deformed robotic panda, who is the pilot of Panda-Z mecha. Along with his friends, they fight the evil Skullpander.
Dr Panji - Taron's grandfather and also the director of the laboratory. He is very kind and loves his grandson very much.
Rabina - A cheerful and kind girl who's dream is to become a nurse. She is a pink robot rabbit with angel wings.
Denwan - Leader of Taron's group of friends.
Eteckee - A smart scholar dreaming to become a researcher at Panda-Z lab.
Hamu Ichiro, Hamu Jiro - Mechanics and pilot the ham gears, repair giant robots..etc.
Zoutank - A green robot that is large enough to ride other Robonimals.
Firebear - A fire fighter.
Rescue Bear 01 and 02 - Identical bear robots except that one is red, the other is wearing blue.
Medical Bear : He is a doctor and Rabina is his nurse.
Skullpander - Leader of Warunimals. Bad guy!
Mougyu - Looks like cow. Often lost the battle because his remote controls breaks.
Dr. Jangarly - His head shows a computer brain. When he smokes, the smokes will fill his dome.
Rubyraby - A rabbit princess and were thought to have taken a liking for Panda-Z
Kokekkou - Giant robot rooster.
Warunimal Soldier - Indentical masked soldiers.
Bokkuma - with some panda features.
Wolgar - A robot wolf. Normal light grey but colour turns red under a full moon.

Post Additions on 27 November 2008 :
Panda Z - PZ Patrol Forest
This keyring has a series of 10 + 1 different characters.
I found this among a mess of other keychains in a comics shop.
There's only one left of this Panda Z.
Sure looking forward to seeing more Panda Z type of collectibles. I find them rather cute!


Madame Belle said...

Oh my god, hah hah, I know someone who would LOVE those. He is crazy in love with pandas and even calls his wife his "little panda."

astrogalaxy said...

Pandas are really very adorable animals. Would love to see them if I have a chance to visit China.
Thanks for visting!