Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Anderson Bridge

Anderson Bridge 安德逊桥
Location : Singapore River
Lenth : 70 metres
Width : 28 metres
Construction : 1908 - 1910
Contractor : Howarth Ershine Ltd (Superstructure), Westminster Construcion Co., Ltd(Bridge)
Official opened date : 12 March 1910

Anderson Bridge was built in 1910, named after Sir John Anderson (Governor of Straits Settlements) to help ceased the heavy traffic in Cavenagh Bridge.
After completion of bridge, vehicles, horse carts / ox carts were diverted from Cavenagh Bridge to Anderson Bridge.
Cavenagh Bridge was then converted to be used as a pedestrian bridge.

Scary Facts of Anderson Bridge :
Criminals heads were cut off and hung on Anderson Bridge during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore in 1942-1945.
It serves as a warning to citizens to discourage them from breaking the laws.

View of Anderson Bridge from Queen Elizabeth Walk.


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