Friday, November 28, 2008

Doraemon Mix Collectibles

Updated Post on 11 February 2009

Over here in this post is a mixture of different types of Doraemon collection.
I've grouped them into : Doraemon Games, Doraemon Food Collectibles, Doraemon Household Collectibles and Doraemon Stationary Collection.

Doraemon Games :
Doraemon Bingo Line
The red/yellow coin has Doraemon face printed on it.

Doraemon UNO

Doraemon UFO catcher keychain

Doraemon Jigsaw Puzzle - Nobita's Dinosaur
There is a total of six different puzzle inside the box.

Doramon Jigsaw Puzzle 500 pieces

Doraemon Food Collectibles :
Kellogg's Doraemon Cereal Box w/ free Doraemon magic string cutter.

Kellogg's Doraemon Cereal Box - Doraemon magic puzzle
(Note : it's just a piece of card paper divided into 4 parts)

This is a Ding Dang chocolate ball w/ a surprised toy inside every box.
This was the thing I've mentioned in my previous post about me eating when I was a kid.
Only now I realised that this is not doraemon.
Long time ago, Doraemon was known as (Xiao Ding Dang), hence I was mix-up!
Anyway, I wouldn't buy it again as the chocolate inside is ... ... ... somehow different from what I ate as a child!

Doraemon Cola Candy w/ free sports card
The sofa cola candy taste very nice!

Doraemon Household Collectibles :
Doraemon table lamp

Doraemon air cushion chair

Doraemon mini bolster

Doraemon Mini Pillow

Doraemon Floor Mat

Doraemon - Spoon, Fork and Scissor set

Doraemon glass

Doraemon Toothbrush

Doraemon Mini Fan

Doraemon Water Bottle w/ snow globe

Doraemon Ear Stick

Doraemon Nail Cutter

Doraemon Stationary Collection :
Doraemon Stickers

Doraemon File Holder w/ notepad and pen

Doraemon Namecards

Doraemon Mousepad

Doraemon Bookmark Magnets

Doraemon Pen - 5 different colurs and pencil

Doraemon 12 coloured pens

Big Head Doraemon Pen
I like this pen very much. Press for pen and the body will pop out.

Doraemon Blue pens

Post Additions 11 February 2009 :

Doraemon Mouse Pad Set (Yellow Grass)

Doraemon Mouse Pad Set (Sky Train)

Doraemon Mouse Pad Set (Forest)

Doraemon falling tower game

Doraemon mini radio

Doraemon pencilcase (Cloth type)

Fold Fan type. Quite handy to combat stuffy weather!

Doraemon on Baseball coinbank

Bobble Doraemon

Doraemon Photoframe (Whistle)

Doraemon Photoframe (Sleeping)

Doraemon Photoframe (Eating)


Ryuwolf said...

damn stuff like that don't exist my country and the worst is that we still can't buy things from aboard using internet.
but i wonder if those things still in the market ?

astrogalaxy said...

Maybe one day, you'll unexpectedly stumble upon some Doraemon too!

prOcEssOr said...

beauty post.. i like it...

astrogalaxy said...

Thanks prOcEssOr.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Don Ryan said...

Hi There. I am a doraemon collector from the Philippines. I am searching the net looking for other collectors and im so happy to find your site. I am so impressed about your collection, you've worked hard on your site. I hope we can be friends. If your interested please drop by at my multiply account ( and add me as your friend. You can also see some of my doraemon collection in that site. Thank you and Have a nice day.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi Don,
Thanks! It's great to see other Doraemon fans collections! I'll be visiting your blog shortly.
Take Care and happy collecting too!

carrot said...

hi astrogalaxy:

i so happy that u oso one of the doreamon collectors juz to chk wit u some of the item wer u get it fr cz i been lookin doreamon items iz very hard to find loh. i wonder nw stii hv in the market.

astrogalaxy said...

Hi carrot,
I'm not sure which items you are referring to. But if you're in Singapore, you might like to check out the Comic Connections or China Square Sunday Market for some Doraemon stuffs!

ruzzaifah said...

can i buy one of those doraemon stuffs?

astrogalaxy said...

hi ruzzaifan,
Sorry, it's not for sale.

ruzzaifah said...

where did you buy that?

Brock said...

anyone know where to get a doraemon polaroid camera?