Sunday, February 01, 2015

Ultra Monster Series - Alien Zarab

Year : Bandai 2006 / 2007
Ultra Monster Figure Height : Approx. 6" - 7.5"
1st appeared in the 1966 - Ultraman Episode 18 - Brother from another planet

Other Names : Evil Alien (凶悪宇宙人)
Planet : Zarab
Height : 40m
Weight :  20,000t
Type : Seijin

Brief Brief History : Coming to earth planning to invade it. Alien Zarab transformed into Ultraman (Imitation Ultraman) and started to create havoc.

I brought mine Alien Zarab without the tag. I guessed is figure is from the 2006 / 2007 ultra monster series. There are 3 more different releases from Bandai earlier. 

Alien Zarab is able to fly but at very slow speeds. Have great talent at minic others, including Ultraman.

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