Friday, February 06, 2015

Ultraman X Touma

Ultraman X Touma 
Complete set of 8
Figure Height : 4 cm
Make : Bandai & Toumart
Year : 2009

Very cool variants. Never though of Ultraman X Touma to look this cute. The quality of these products are very well made despite their small size. Each standing at only 4 cm tall, the details of these figures were considered very good.

 Small figures w/ keyrings.

Jamilar - Basic

Jamilar - Heat

Baltan Seijin - Basic

Baltan Seijin - Burning

Ultraman - Dark

Ultraman - Basic

Below are 2 different colours Kanegon. I'm crazy over Kanegon. Looks cute, ain't it?

Kenegon - Shibuki

Kanegon - Basic

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